New craving. 😋 #NomNomNom
  • j_evans1219New craving. 😋 #NomNomNom

  • _love_cute_prettyEating good
  • nena.cb@nickycali please shutup. your mom probably are fast food when she was pregnant with you.
  • cgebschmeltI love me some fast food while pregnant!!! Wendys was my go to!!
  • nickycali@_idcnena I can say whatever I choose. If u don't like III t then you can choose to ignore it. K.Thanks. 👍👍
  • nickycali@isabel.keller r u fucking stupid?? 😄
  • nena.cb@nickycali you can say whatever you choose but you don't have to hate on other peoples pictures because you wanna act like a bitch.
  • nickycali@_idcnena I wasnt hating I was simply stating my opinion from personal experience.
  • nickycaliAnd u my friend are acting like a little bitch for getting all butt hurt 😂😂👏👏
  • brooklynn_kaeWho cares what she eats what the hell we don't know how much weight she's gained I was 8 months pregnant before I even gained 2 pounds and I was eating "healthy" my doctor actually to indulge in some fatty food I looked like I was huge but I didn't gain what he wanted and ALL my OBs said this I had 8 at my hospital and no they aren't idiots during pregnancy you have to gain a certain amount to have a healthy pregnancy and so what if she indulges you don't see her every god damn meal she eats only when's she's craving and what she's craving. So unless you are sitting with her 24/7 and know what she's eating then quite the f up please and go make your " opinion" somewhere else.
  • nickycaliDamn everyone is getting all butthurt over someone they don't even know. She is fully aware that she is a public figure and whatever she posts everyone will see and has a right to comment on it even if it's good or negative. If you don't like it then you don't have to comment back. Simple as that.
  • nickycaliand sticking up for her doesn't matter cause I bet she doesn't care.
  • pedike6899I got a burrito for you to stuff in your mouth.
  • jswiaderMy FAVVVV
  • melano13Ur not supposed to eat raw fish while pregnant
  • sweetarts_kayNothing raw but you can eat sushi . It was my craving during pregnancy too! @melano13 @serenagagno
  • lovely_twistMy craving. #notevenpregnant #sadiknow
  • aandreakelcii@melano13 not all sushi is raw fish.
  • nkay0203It's a fucking burrito from chipotle!! Who the fuck said anything about raw food?!? It only gets made with beef, steak or chicken -"_-
  • mermaid.wineOMG CHIPOTLE IS MAH LIIIIFE ! lol.
  • lol #onpoint
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