My first bday celebration... Thx @mehranfarhat  #justhoursfrom41
  • torispellingMy first bday celebration... Thx @mehranfarhat #justhoursfrom41

  • marlena_ablessedHappy Birthday ! 21 forever lol;)
  • marlena_ablessedHappy Birthday ! 21 forever lol;)
  • kyukevich84Happy Birthday Tori. 🎂🍰👑
  • jennipola🎂Happy Birthday!🎂🍰
  • taylorlove527Happy birthday. I wish i could watch true tori but its so sad. <3
  • krista_riccaHappy Birthday Tori...May you have a happy, healthy and peaceful year! Xoxo
  • artmeisHappy belated. Your new show really surprised me. It's raw and real. Hang in there ur stronger and more beautiful than u know
  • vakesiaHappy birthday
  • lc.x0Happiest birthday to you Tori! Love love love you and your tender heart. May God be with you and your family.
  • ginakcoonsMost beautiful 41 year old I have ever seen!
  • larraine2uHappy Belated Birthday @torianddean
  • larraine2uI have to say I had a very different assumption of her but watching true tori, wow I was totally wrong.
  • melissardswirtzHappy Birthday beautiful!
  • jenstruk_Watching TrueTori show 2 OD now...I have to say I do feel bad for her being left alone w/4 small kids bcuz Dean is a cheating sleezball. But the best prediction of future behavior is always past behavior and he has a history of doing this so on some level she must have been worried about this happening. And if he will lie about this, what else is he lying about? It absolutely affects the children. Liam was just nasty to her in that store buying HIS bday things. She feels guilty that hes torn up over missing his Dad so she allows him to also take it out in her? Oh Tori! The best thing u could do is take care of urself and never allow anyone, even ur son, to speak to u like that, no matter what the reason! He may be 7 now but soon enough he will be 17 and if he learns to take his frustration out on mom now, it will be much more hurtful later. I would have marched his butt right out of that store and not bought a thing! Instead she threatened to, but didn't follow through...she nicely told him to stop talking to her like that because it was not nice, but he didn't stop it, which she ignored, and then she bought the pinata and then also a ring pop! He just learned he can get whatever he wants even when he is being a disrespectful brat! Only Tori can figure this out, but I hope she kicks Dean to the curb, finds a way to co-parent effectively for those kids and focuses on loving and nurturing is the single best gift she can give those kids, a strong, healthy Mom!
  • jaydaakiss@ladybeast_ #obsessedwithtori
  • redheadjessiebI applaud you for trying to work on your marriage and not walking away from 7 years. Not just for you, but for your kids. But I understand if you walked away. Either way, you have millions of fans and family and friends who support you. This could be something that you both needed to go through because you've learned you have a voice. You deserve a great life and you've had one and can still have one. Hope for you that everything works out. <3
  • jamie.connolly_05Hope your day was filled with love and happiness that you so deserve!! I've been a fan since the 90210 days!! You're such and amazingly loving caring kind heartened selfless person. You're such a great Mom, your kids look so happy! I wish the best for you and your family. I will pray for you and Dean! Can't wait to see you and Jennie back on TV again!!! ☺️❤️
  • malilouneJe préfère sans maquillage
  • lexister84Donnaaaaaaaaaa @elenaki_84
  • maaritheidik😘💙💖😍
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