On this date in 1973, the #Leafs selected Lanny McDonald 4th overall. #tbt #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsOn this date in 1973, the #Leafs selected Lanny McDonald 4th overall. #tbt #TMLtalk

  • 2010vettePheneuf .......I totally agree that fucken pilon Joke coward dirty player that management decided to call a capt of a storied franchise. Shame on u assholes to even keep him as for the coach how many penalties for too many men on the ice will it take to reAlise HE ISNT WORKING OUT..... Give ur heads a shske already we r the joke of the league. U think the HAbs organization would tolerate a team that never make the playoffs lol
  • massimo__@mckeee15 I'd keep Reilly but not Gardiner. Only reason is because Reilly and Gardiner are similar in their playing style. They both play the same role. Also Reilly is a younger version.
  • 2010vetteThe past is the past it doesn't help
  • massimo__@2010vette Agreed. He's totally trash. I have no idea why Nonis would sign him to a 7YR contract. Stupidest move ever made. Phaneuf is the reason we lose half of our games.
  • ryanjballardBy not firing Nonis and Carlyle, this organization has made an absolute mockery of its fans.
  • massimo__Leafs need to work on defense. Defense is key too all sports. Our goalie can't carry you every game. Bernier has done his part this year. Our 1st line done their part. Clarkson was a disappointment. We gotta get new players. Don't rebuild but try to sign key players that might want to join. Best move leafs made was getting Shanahan this offseason.
  • n.ambrosiIt all comes down to scouting. Worst scouting in nhl.
  • 2010vetteManagement is a joke. They know fans will come regardless
  • carsoncmoore@nickambrosi clearly you haven't heard of the Calgary Flames.
  • oley4949Yea Wendell Clark wasn't good at all
  • cameronmac_@mattarbarnes @patrickl29 this looks like Cody
  • allaboutpuckBlock me I dare you
  • aidaninnes13Better on the flames
  • peterchapm6nLEAFS SUCK!👎🙅
  • domenicopcr7Yes they do
  • __bob_v_marle__
  • therealtroymakLol they do ^^
  • christopher__lloydWeird...I thought Lanny was born with a moustache
  • 2010vetteHey phenough that's a captain
  • 2010vetteMaterial
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