#Jersey is in the house! @melissagorga and @dinamanzo turned it out for the #nbcucable Upfront! #RHONJ #bravotv #bravoupfront
  • bravotv#Jersey is in the house! @melissagorga and @dinamanzo turned it out for the #nbcucable Upfront! #RHONJ #bravotv #bravoupfront

  • mrsjosephineberkLove that dress! Can you tell us who makes it, please. Thanks!
  • krinmasseyNo Caroline!!!??? She was my fav!! Boo Dina!!
  • nana6roxCan't stand Dina. She & BFF Teresa can both leave now. I ain't watching w all the good ones gone. Waiting for the Awesome Manzos show this fall.
  • deeanna110Team NOT DINA. U dont turn your back on family then now your husband kicked u to the curb.now u need $$$. Boring...u are
  • aconmusic23Can not wait for this season ahhh!!!!!!!!!!
  • 7979euniceGo Dina. Glad your back.
  • neenhazel4Eeegads.....Dina turns herback on her family, real classy....not..psshhh 👎
  • jujubeegeeReal frauds.
  • roseann_nardoneNot sure how I feel , let's see what happens with the new girls : (
  • chrissy2714Eye roll in the house!
  • dilinozamYour dress very nice left side@bravotv
  • slopastyle@grames713 Uhmm Dina looks amazing
  • alicia_mz14How the hell do you know what really went down between her & her sister @nannnnna2014
  • alicia_mz14I'm so happy Dina is back!!! I wish Melissa & her mini man weren't
  • pemberton28@carlymarie_la
  • becka1025I will not be watching this season of RHONJ!!! Dina go back to wherever you were! Your only being on the show because your sister is off!#GrowUp #GoAway
  • julesxtine@bravoandy @bravotv Soooo disappointed with the new choices for RHONJ this season (besides Dina). The twins & that new girl amber look trashy & crazy. Is that all Bravo cares about anymore..is crazy bitches? Stop giving people like that fame & money. Hope the choices for RHOBH are not this bad too
  • angelicardenas@bravotv what happen to the new RHONJ?! I miss Caroline, Jacqueline, and Kathy!!!!
  • hayleyhandbagHayleyhandbag.com loves RHONJ @melissagorga
  • gorgjoDina is the worst dresser.. Ugly dress and ugly shoes once again...we used to laugh at how ugly her home furnishings were... It's too bad because she is one gorgeous woman
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