Sisters :)
  • tfhalbur89Sisters :)

  • renee.landryBack together?
  • tfhalbur89@renlandry nope
  • xrachel_20xBack and forth back and forth...
  • misty._xo@tfhalbur89 two gorgeous gals
  • alysgraceSo perfect x
  • renee.landry@tfhalbur89 that's good that u guys can still be civil so the girls can see each other
  • abbieandariWhere did you get that sailboat outfit??? It's to die for !!!
  • shailamchaparro@abbieandari I got it for my niece at
  • lovelyyadriso sweet love it
  • _missammAwe so cute @tfhalbur89
  • laur_pilling64Omg they're both so beautiful!
  • namaste.mama@tfhalbur89 do you and Chelsea get them together for play dates? That's really amazing and mature of you ladies if so. Making sure they have a good relationship is so important, I'm sure they will both be so grateful for it later :)
  • abbieandari@shailaalonso thank you :)
  • 2faysYou are doing what a respectable mom would do, my daughter has a half sister, they are 6 months apart (her dad was married, just drama all the way around) but the point is both girls are best friends. You cant let the parents mistakes/choices affect a sister bond. Im happy to see your daughter is so lucky, that you do whats in her best interest and girl it's hard, but worth it, and congrats on your lil doll :) @tfhalbur89
  • matwood31@zyon_yoga_mama Pretty sure that is Adams mom holding Paislee so that's probably where they get to hangout together
  • scarlett_ksdx3OH MY GOD I need Paislee's outfit for my daughter! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • cwyatt621^you have some serious psychological issues create an Instagram ..fill it with people you have never met.. And comment as if you're the parent to Aubree/Paislee. Wow......๐Ÿ˜ณ
  • babyblue1534So cute
  • shannienicole@madcoco27. Its obviously a fan page. A lot of people havrle fan pages! And they disnt comment like they were thier parents. She obviously posted a pic of aubree and chelsea and the caption said "aubree and mamna". She comments and complenents the little kids. your saying she has issues when all she dis was create a fan page and comment nice things about the kids.!
  • melisssa1908@themuggle1219 #psycho #superfan
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