In case you hadn't heard (or looked at Instagram in the last 15 seconds) is national doughnut day.  Pose away!
Photo credit @hellofashionblog
  • youdidnoteatthatIn case you hadn't heard (or looked at Instagram in the last 15 seconds) is national doughnut day. Pose away!
    Photo credit @hellofashionblog

  • looksharpsconnie@shanarudy funny account
  • hilficken@bargeep lolz
  • jjepsen@newbss
  • rivayah@essiemanipedi
  • paris_cherieThis celebration escapes us in Paris. Wonder why? 😊🇫🇷
  • echostrangegod forbid women who are skinny or "physically fit" ever dare to say they eat junk food. God forbid they pose with food because they find it aesthetically pleasing. The comments alone are filled with people who make fun of bulimia (which is HORRIFYING) and people who shame thin women because they had the audacity to take a remotely staged picture with junk food. You are so insanely judgmental, cutting down all of these pictures, and you have NO idea what you could be doing to the self esteem of these girls not to mention that some of them really MIGHT have eating disorders. I read an interview where you claim it's all in good fun, but this behavior is incredibly malicious and incredibly harmful. What the hell is so wrong in your life that you can't leave people alone to do what they want??
  • echostrange@camera_victoria the differences lies in the fact that this account perpetually hurts total strangers who don't really deserve it. What's odd is how false of an equivalence and how terrible of an argument you're making. Hurting people is a particular case where you deserve to be called out for "doing what you want." If everyone did what they wanted to such a selfish, awful and needlessly hateful extent all the time this world would be total chaos, even more than it already is. Asking someone to consider the horrible consequences of their hateful actions towards other people and taking pictures with junk food because you like the aesthetics/because you like junk food are two totally different things.
  • echostrange@camera_victoria also it's interesting how you ignored every single other point I made. I guess it was just too hard to dispute because it was too truthful? You're way too focused on semantics.
  • madisonmarchetti@michelleknutson u would take a pic like this
  • edenhekate@jessicatee_
  • andyviernes@tinatinatina
  • megtronic_supersonic@echostrange- actually, @itsxcamara's comment was perfectly logical, and I doubt she was attempting to debate you. Your belief that @youdidnoteatthat "deserves" to be called out is simply your opinion, which you're entitled to, just like everyone else.
  • megtronic_supersonicand, FYI- her comment had nothing to do with semantics. LOL.
  • insta_spoofJudging by the dirt on those she didn't wash her hands first.
  • maryannhorgan@jmmunnelly (o) (o) xxxx
  • seinana77Lol
  • frederikkesofied@emiliekruse HAHAHAHAH den her er endnu bedre
  • emiliekruseHahahahhHH!! kæmpe fan af den her profil🙏🏼 @frederikkesofied
  • opaqueleclaireIt's very important that your donut always matches your shoes.
  • ktorberg@iverseli: sjekk skoene!
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