Manhattan splash!
  • mariahcareyManhattan splash!

  • ashley_nicolebrandYou're so beautiful . I love you so much . You're also a great mom to roc and roe .
  • maddie8192Like your pool
  • cosme_michele@become.famous gets you more followers
  • my_fave_place@mariahcarey THIS is SERIOUS cut the hair in the front of your son , the ones covering his eyes, he can lose vision, put something blocking your vision all day you will see!!
  • brunabfitPlsss check out my page!!!
  • rachidahrran@mariahcarey hello
  • baileylgrant@melimelimtheone Shut up, It's not your son so It's none of your concern. He's at the age where he can speak for himself & I'm sure smart enough to voice his own opinion, that if it was in the way of anything or blurring his vision he would inform his parents. I swear some people have no filters. Worry about your own life & your children's lives. Nobody wants to read negative comments such as yours.
  • felaumermonMonroe's feet are huge
  • iam_blenditasave your marriage girl. we love you and see you here in manila. god bless your family!
  • theedanielr@felaumermon 😭
  • olivecurls@tish_point0 see a lot of moms wear full outfits in the pool... Lol
  • mayra_sorianoYou are too hot ! Sort of glad you are leaving nikk i always hated how childish he is and he just gets on my nerves how he acts like his 15 and from tbe streets! But at the end he was your love at a point of both.of you had a precious gift from this your lovely twins
  • ulovecourt_@septsveryown that life
  • septsveryownLol @insta_court_
  • _kidiamichoDon't give Up yet.... @mariahcarey u can reconcil e
  • giannasaldana32@mayra_soriano this is none of ur buisness u don't even know why they r splitting up just just stfu
  • queen_ukSweetie... I'm sorry about what i said earlier 😔 sorry about what happened between u and ur x... U r strong woman and we r with u here to support u and b with u as always. Luv u Meme😘
  • lena630@rigueur25 can you believe she's in a hot tub on the top of a Manhattan building smhh
  • mike3stradaMeme?!! Lol!! #Mimi
  • mayithomasI'll give my life just to live her live for a day.come on who would not love to get in a jacuzzi on a roof top
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