Happy birthday to #NHLBruins President Cam Neely!
  • nhlbruinsHappy birthday to #NHLBruins President Cam Neely!

  • noahdietrich95@17train you're*** learn how to spell American dip shit. Go enjoy your "great" country, which also had the most fat people, the most crime, and the most expensive healthcare in the world. You sort of hurt my feelings by your comments, so I'm going to go get my feelings checked out for free at the hospital. Name one Bruin player that was American. Chara, Lucic, Marchand, Bergeron, coach Julien, etc are not American. Number 4 was Canadian, I fail to recognize how you still think your the best if you don't even have any hometown players, yet you have a guy who was born and raised in Vancouver on your team. Perhaps once the Oreo who is running the shithole country you fags call America is overthrown and you guys enter the 21st century and become more socialist, then you will get better health care. About your issue of not having American hockey players, I guess we will just have to relocate the Bruins to Quebec City!
  • colin_martin_7Ok chill Cam was a great player
  • colin_martin_7Canada is not a great country
  • lsagueroJune 6th national Cam Neely day in Canada and the States! Happy bday Cameron!
  • shoot_puckHappy birthday Cam Neely!
  • cole_the_mad_manHappy BD
  • _tate_turner_Cam #awesome happy b day
  • jbonkssHappy bday Neely
  • fleurythomasHappy b day cam!!
  • chute_4Happy late b-day idol
  • cccahill13Happy birthday Neely
  • madhatterflHappy birthday Cam Neely
  • boston_bruins_nation🚨🚨🚨Who here wants all Bruins news and updates? I have you covered! Join the BostonBruinsNation!🚨🚨🚨
  • fmoser65HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM!!!!!
  • nickd094Cam8
  • nolandrake37Happy birthday camnelly
  • j_duff2IT'S CAM
  • james_wilder9Happy birthday cam nelly
  • almogmizrahi9Seabass
  • ethanbonnar_Bam bam Cam
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