The state of my purse almost always reflects the state of I'm cleaning it out today.
  • thenesterThe state of my purse almost always reflects the state of I'm cleaning it out today.

  • coolschoolmamaMe. Too. Lots of coffee place receipts here!
  • heatherlynnmarshallHow true! Checked it off last night- even downsized the purse to battle the clutter that creeps in...!
  • pinkrosessheilaTotally can relate! 😌
  • gmeaghI downsized purses and don't receive receipts at a store for small things or I throw them away walking out of the store or restaurant. They have BPA on them😳
  • travelingcottageMine too! Need to take my purse to the cleaners too
  • kathyrohrsYes!! I currently have a serving spoon, two books, stale chocolate chip cookies, youth ministry student registrations, and lots o' trash. So at least I'm prepared ... unless I need cash, because there is not even a dime in there.
  • cheflindajoMe too! And I found a $20 bill! Woot!
  • _noni03👍👍😄life is busy! Lol
  • theups1Looks all too familiar!!!
  • sarahmroyalMy purse and my car! It's like a glimpse inside my mind.
  • littlenanniI'd chime in with, " a clean purse or car are the signs of a wasted life". 😉
  • thenester@littlenanni 💞
  • holly.nicoletteHow true!
  • nomadicdecoratorI agree with @littlenanni! So you now know the state of my purse and car too
  • the7cunninghams@littlenanni yes!!! Says me who's purse and car are great messes😉
  • hastobeprettyOoh!!!
  • vicnelsoGood to see!!
  • kindredvintage🙋guilty! Mine too!
  • gracenotecandlecoSame here! I just got a new one for summer on Saturday, organized it, and cleaned out a bunch of junk I didn't need. 😊😊
  • betweenyouandmesignsIt looks just like mine!
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