How do you keep #cool? #PreserverSeries
  • otterboxHow do you keep #cool? #PreserverSeries

  • otterbox@oraange_juice We don't have the Preserver Series for the iPhone 5c at this time, but we'll let you know if that changes.
  • karlll.sI sent you a dm of my case for the iPhone 5c can you post it? @otterbox
  • otterbox@_k.a.r.l_ Thank you for the picture! We'll hold on to it and tag you if we're able to use it as a post.
  • robins_doodlesI would LOVE this for my iPhone 5C. 😏 Why is it companies think just because the back of the 5C is colored, people aren't going to buy a case for it? The front is still glass & every bit as breakable as that on a regular 5S. I had to buy a case for a 5S and then break the plastic the phone goes into, just to have a half-way decent case for my phone. Anyway, so if u come out with a waterproof case for the 5C, I'll definitely be buying one! (Doubt that'll happen, tho, with the newest iPhone coming out fairly soon. 😏)
  • bejewldI totally agree with @robins_doodles & lifeproof cases are pretty expensive & sound like ur underwater plus @otterbox cases are always safer 😏
  • rhonabuenavistahm? pls vibe me i want to order 09989849632
  • h_vandergrift@otterbox these should be made for the s3!
  • jessicacorsoIs anyone able to recommend either the otterbox iphone preserver or armor for an overseas trip? Im using my iphone as my camera and visiting mainly tropical islands. @otterbox
  • jamesk_14Make one for iphone5c
  • bamitsbritters👆 Yes! Please make one for iPhone 5c! @otterbox
  • ins888Ikr @lukekutz14 @otterbox please do!!!
  • elizabethminor0Do y'all have the preserver series for iPhone 4s @otterbox
  • be.hopeful@maddy_watts_ you need this if there's one for ipod!
  • kadori_yosefMy case is perfec
  • kelly_beth13@otterbox do you guys have this preserver series for iPhone 5c?
  • superbiaaaDo you have for iphone 4/4s ? @otterbox
  • football4298This is bs they discontinued my case that was water proof and now I get to pic any case I want because my broke and they don't have any cases that r water proof for the4S
  • angietolozaYo quiero comprarte como hago aquí en Venezuela hay un vendedor estoy muy intereZada
  • cajonladyLook, @chuckiie_ !!!!!!!!!!
  • yourlocalashI would absolutely love this for my 5s! Do they work really good
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