This is what you have to look forward to in the coming days! #nailmail #regram from @fiorellasclosetblog
  • julepmavenThis is what you have to look forward to in the coming days! #nailmail #regram from @fiorellasclosetblog

  • troublesomekindI rec'd mine earlier this week. The packaging was awful. Everything just thrown in a big box with pixie sticks and very little packing material. Of course the pixie sticks broke open in transit and created a big fat mess. @julepmaven you used to be great but you are slipping.😔
  • closetoblissMine came yesterday and everything was packaged perfectly. I don't love the shades my "style" came with this month, but that's personal preference, not a quality or control issue. The extras I ordered are all stunning and I can't wait to use some of the goodies tonight!
  • creativethoughts27Great pic 👌
  • amythystcrystalI got mine a couple of days ago, lo e the pixie sticks! I was disappointed that mine didn't come in a julep purple box though. :(
  • shygaladrielI didn't get mine this month... chrome is not my thing...
  • sensiloverLoved the pixie stix so fun!
  • aayye_meI didn't get all the stuff I ordered and I even got things that I didn't order this month... :(
  • hcheney7911Mine arrived today :)
  • lesliebarnes8I got a lot of extras ( I'm not complaining ) and I'm not sure why?
  • trufaythSo far so good for me. One more box and I am complete till June 20th 😇
  • ndebottisSame w me, my box wasn't what I ordered.
  • marisela_76I got mine last Saturday and even got 2 extra nail polishes I didn't order. Super score😍 I love julep👏
  • karelle_kbI don't like the nail polishes I received this month.
  • _victoria_ruthGot mine on June 2nd!!!!
  • trillium13I got mine in a regular (huge) cardboard box too. The polishes weren't well padded but luckily they were ok. Love the polishes, but not too impressed by the packing. 😕
  • aimdizzlerMine came on Monday and not what I had ordered at all. Had me confused if I had choose the wrong one by chance but after reading this post I see a few people got wrong orders... I felt my box was short :( colors where ok but not my liking
  • angelymichelleReceived my maven box luxe yesterday & 2 polishes were missing! Called @julepmaven today & everything was taken care of quickly!! Loved all the colors, but was disappointed that the 2 colors I was most excited for didn't come.
  • stormyrosyNow im afraid to receive mine
  • prettynails_andtea@fiorellasclosetblog cool pic! :)
  • prettynails_andteaI'm still waiting for mine. First of three wishes - please box, be here soon! @julepmaven second wish - please be awesome! Third wish - I wish I bought Katerina too :(
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