BEWARE of the Dawg.
  • boobygangBEWARE of the Dawg.

  • shadeson2I read your interview! Very well said. I respect you & @keyshiacole for not putting your marriage business out there so I'll admit I was scared to read the article, but you said it very well. You took responsibility for your actions and you didn't degrade your wife. Love & marriage is suppose to be sacred. You dont have to put on a front. If your marriage is not working, celebrity or not, you don't have to explain yourself. It takes two STRONG individuals to work through negativity that surrounds you. I always root for marriages....for better or for worst, but the love genuinely have to still be there between you too. If its it out! But you both have to be at a place of forgiveness and passion. I wish you both the best! You owe nothing to no one to prove your marriage. The only people you prove to is each other & the Most High! Take as much time as you need through separation. Patience makes a warrior mentality go hard the next try.... You have that much more worth fighting for! 😊
  • iam_shakirahCute💜💜💜
  • yolandalife_91↑↑↑↑ WOW
  • dannyrenee_@black_choc13 wtf did you really post this bullshit on this man page wtf people have too much nerve for me
  • cherrellrene@dannyrenee831 too much. I'd love to see their "highlight" reel from their 20s
  • dannyrenee_@cherrellrene girl I'm quite sure these famous people don't pay these nuts any attention but some of the things I read are just ridiculous.
  • beautiiizmeWhere is lola @boobygang @boobygang
  • therealdonpurpGood source told me u looking for talent!?
  • cece_and_lilgGive me that puppy Let Go of all the negative an Let God @boobygang
  • collin.mccarthyYou were the best D. Gibs! I love watching u splash them from deep and absolutely dominate in the rookie challenge! I am a huge Cavs fan and u were the best! You were the most exciting player to watch ever!
  • pic_897@keyshiacole
  • pic_897@keyshiacole
  • tbossyo😎
  • sharita.reneeThis is too cute! :)
  • k_carter0379😍😍😍😍
  • 21karatgoldAdorable 🙈
  • khaliah1109@boobygang @boobygang Good morning ! Ok so feelin some type of way now ..smh I've been asking for u to @ me so I'm not feeling silly or looking crazy lol to be real I do me idk what people think really ...however if u see me sayin thing's to u can u please say hi or something please thank u moving today from New Orleans to Atlanta I'm originally from Oakland Ca. Anyway holla back thinkin of ya new beginnings for me comw Friday
  • bellezza73Must be so hard for any woman to get close to you with 3 billion all on your d*ck simultaneously. Literally throwing themselves at you. ☝️☝️😶 I'll just simply add to the massive collection and say, "You're beautiful. Inside as well as out. I've admired you for quite some time." God bless. 😘
  • miami_londonDesperate ass hoe comments 👆😩😂😂😂
  • payton_river@loveme_rosexo lol 🙈 ... 😩
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