DMC will be in the place to be! @theroxy LA Roxy on Sunset with the bad ass band Feat. Veronica Bellino on drums #dmc #adidas #jmj4ever #jmj #rundmc #LA #sunset #music #unitealloriginals #roxy #theroxy #king #darrylmakescomics #rockrollhallfame
  • kingdmcDMC will be in the place to be! @theroxy LA Roxy on Sunset with the bad ass band Feat. Veronica Bellino on drums #dmc #adidas #jmj4ever #jmj #rundmc #LA #sunset #music #unitealloriginals #roxy #theroxy #king #darrylmakescomics #rockrollhallfame

  • isra5When r u in boston?
  • carlosmareIn the place to be the King DMC. @kingdmc
  • djhurricane1Dope
  • hiphoptrooper@kingdmc I'm in LA now! I might have to check it out!
  • adam.the.creator@kingdmc you are the man D!! 👑
  • on this!
  • julesjordanxCan I get some photos this time? Lol
  • koshadillzpretty dope that my name is on your instagram!!!
  • kashjuliano730#BigHomie #DmcForever👑👑👑
  • creesussPiano keys

    Let me retract that statement~ broken keys on the concrete pavement~ these little trees, hanging leaves, a childish remark drawn after dark on walls that lead to the watch tower~ as the hours go bye but, you can't fathom your demise tho~ real eyes that blue sky's in a crowded hallways seen through a telescope I stargaze promenade your partner~ dozy doe, row after row, still they never make it in~ who's born without sin, within the trials of men~ wolves howling winds~ following the shadows of sin~ its not recommended following them~ those fanged tooth dogs on broken fences bending, blending colors, and signs are a orchestrated mess~ apologies in order I recommend this~ opened eyes closed mouth is a fooled soul~ opened mouth closed eyes is fools gold~ keys after keys their still being sold~ this is our history indeed it has already been told~ I'm not a vocalist nor pianist~ portraits of my soul painted poems on canvases~ art is by nature my evangelist~ words are like scriptures, either valued or overwhelmingly deemed worthlessness but, in the end you'll find out what your purpose is...c.d. #poetry#art
  • tmf_189Like the cream of the crop, like the crop of the cream......real hip hop
  • jelesijevic_23What is this typ of hat called? Some one pleas awnser mr
  • jelesijevic_23Me*
  • 1smitdogThese are Daryl, the burgers are Ronalds
  • willieblackonthatrack💯💯💯💯
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