I literally look exactly the same
  • bohochickenI literally look exactly the same

  • c_r_o_s_s_y_84U have grown more beauty with age. Such a beautiful lady like ur mam @lexmanzo
  • debsleanneUmmm you are literally the same person....sorry just having a laugh. But good for you graduating : ) all the best for next chapter!
  • melissanicolekramerSo excited you and your mom are back on the show yayyyy!!
  • alexaeastcoastCongrats!!!
  • addy_belle@pamelaisanchez I thought u were the girl on the left LOL
  • amatelli85It must be a Greek/Italian thing I'm 29 still look exactly the same as I always have and was carded trying to see a movie with my crack whore grandmother a few months ago
  • pamelaisanchez@addy_belle hahaha!! It looks like baby Pam!
  • mrscline123Even the same hair style..hahaha
  • 1luveeCongrats!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • missstephanie.kOMG aw so pretty !!!
  • studiomucciCongrats!
  • t_brianaaOMG!!! Are you class of 2014 too??!!? @lexmanzo 😱😱😱😱😱 to be 100% honest, ever since I first saw you on the RHONJ I thought I was older than you XDDD ahahaha!!! Crazy right? I'm also from NJ. Well... "Used to be" lol and btw, you SO do NOT look the same in the least!!! You're beautiful in every way shape and form 😘💋👸✨💫
  • jesss_young@robynjhoff the little one looks like u
  • robynnhoffOmg It kinda does!! @jsyoung93
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