#biennalediarchitettura #venezia #venice curated by #remkoolhaas #biennale2014 photo by @mralanprada
  • vogueitalia#biennalediarchitettura #venezia #venice curated by #remkoolhaas #biennale2014 photo by @mralanprada

  • weareteamrescueEpic photo!!! 😍👏🔟
  • weareteamrescueOur should we say... Bello bello!
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  • santabianca@ron_worldsgreatest let's goooo
  • kanarrlariqueI'm sorry to bother you but I realize you are the one and only Vogue and I was just wondering if The company have a scholarship or grant program for people going to college for fashion I just recently got my GED at the age of 31 and a week later I applied to FIT the fashion Institute of technology study abroad program in Italy I was fortunate enough to get financially but I'm still trying to raise money to pay for the cost of living and for the expenses I was just reaching out to every branch that I could think of to see if I get any information once again sorry to bother you but I'm just wondering if you might know anything thanks
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