Married and happy!!!! @kandiburruss love ya girl!!!
  • todd167Married and happy!!!! @kandiburruss love ya girl!!!

  • tajuanatorrellI don't know how you deal. Im prayers for you. I know you love your wife but love yourself first. Don't allow yourself to be disrespected by her Mom. If it continues to happen move on.
  • teamjeffersonI feel sorry for you to have such a evil mother in law. @todd167
  • dazzled4successI hope it last, how your mother in law is so disrespectful!!
  • sherrymsmith_Happy your happy but stop letting @kandiburruss CRAZY ASS MOTHER disrespect you tell her to get a life they only worrying about money
  • quanette___Congrats happiness is in your path kandi is a beautiful person so your happiness is for real with her
  • baddie_wit_a_fatty@todd167 im so happy for u guys and how u stuck it out fuck mama joyce its bout u and kandi..
  • shawn5050_hb@todd167 momma Joyce is Satan! Be careful bro. God will protect u.
  • misterwattzz411Congrats on the wedding bro!!! I have to give it to you from one man to another.... You have hella self control. I was just laying here with the wifey watching the wedding series and I don't think Kandi would like me very much, I would've let Joyce have it!!!!!!! Once again congrats and good luck. Always remember you are married to Kandi not her mom, don't let her or anyone else come between what you guys have established. If she can't respect you just stay the hell away from her. Cut all communication if need be 🙈🙉🙊 @todd167 @todd167
  • misterwattzz411Oh and put some damn rocks in that ring man!!!!!!!! He'll if you gotta wear everyday, all day for the rest of your life make super sweet💎💎 lol (that's what I told my wife) it worked lolol @todd167
  • shayomygod@todd167 Im trying to get my guy that T-shirt for Father's day.. can u tell me where u got it? Plzzzzz...
  • whomibelongto👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 @kandiburruss
  • louchis_laYour a broke ass bastard all you want is kandi's money you greedy ass broke prostituting bastard I hope it all blow up in your face fuck off
  • thatismissrobin2uCongratulations . I am so happy for you guys. May God bless you both with nothing but love and happiness.
  • simpleenique@staciisthebest awww
  • dropluciousLove and happiness and peace
  • teereneee_Yesss😍😍
  • maybaby1720Luv it
  • audreyboo59I'm so happy for you both god bless.keep god with you.. And everything will be good
  • redhook21Amen...
  • judyhallmanjI'm merry now✨💯✨
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