Rogan josh, shish taouk, veggies, fruit, rice. I could get used to the free food at @fitbomb's office...
  • nomnompaleoRogan josh, shish taouk, veggies, fruit, rice. I could get used to the free food at @fitbomb's office...

  • gtigirl3Wow people are crazy! It looks delicious no matter what!
  • comicstoreowner@toritater her career is a pharmacist.
  • gtigirl3@beeincognito well said!
  • hyperbolicious@beeincognito @gtigirl3 whatchoo said. It's. Just. Food.
  • katwilovethetomatotart no-ones telling anyone what to eat! You must understand that @nomnompaleo inspires followers of paleo withaward winning recipes so peop
  • julianalvarezart@cfgabe haha cooming soon !!!!! :)
  • caitlingug@gacooks I wouldn't either now with an attitude like that.
  • lolpooleaMeanwhile, other "Paleos" constantly post about GF donuts and cake and cookies and pies and the response is OMGDELISH RECIPE PLEASE WE NEED MORE PANCAKES AND CAKE POPS. But @nomnompaleo had a few spoonfuls of RICE while visiting her husband's office? That's off limits for Instagram. πŸ˜•
  • thespunkycoconutWhoa!!! 😍😍😍
  • skellerIf you read her blog she is quite open about not being perfectly paleo. Many people follow paleo to some percentage but allow a small percentage of nonpaleo foods (like 80/20). Relax and enjoy. It's Friday. No need to be uptight... To each their own!!
  • emrosedallara@daver6886
  • empoweredtoeatWhat is up with the #paleopolice on Instagram? That food looks delish @nomnompaleo...and free! Awesome. To all of you haters, please go find one major presence in the paleo community who doesn't state that white rice is OK for those who tolerate it well. Freaking leave people alone about their food you want people bashing every freaking photo you post here?
  • karmaofrandi@nomnompaleo I love your post I'm trying to replicate different recipes by work in progress. I thought I saw pork ribs, jimaca and maybe mushrooms/cauliflower. Someone correct me want to try this dish in two weeks.
  • kcbphelpsOMG, who are all these folks who don't know that rice is totally a safe starch, yo? And that diet shaming is for losers?
  • the.aura.of.lauraPeople don't be hating on my girl, Michelle! She's the sweetest & the best! Tori obvi knows nothing about nomnompaleo and that's a shame!!
  • thedomesticman#teamwhiterice
  • smsmcd316Diet shaming is definitely not paleo πŸ˜‰.
  • susanbmorganWow. Telling people what is and isn't paleo isn't paleo. People need to chill.
  • so_fee_uhhIts called 80/20 ppl !!! If u can tolerate it , go for it ! Being paleo doesnt mean sacrificing your heart on a plate .
  • aliceirwinyeahRice is great. It goes great with all the lovely Nomnompaleo recipes.
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