• courtneyriotMy buds

  • zombiegogoSean mentioned you'll be in Europe again? I want to try to see you this time!
  • zoeticaOkay this is getting weird! I had another dream about you and Katie - this time you had a new place that had 50-foot ceilings and weird pink molding and was probably the size of three warehouses. Also Katie had a bunch of racks full of cool weird clothing from this new company she was working for and you were making me delicious whiskey drinks. 🍷
  • zoeticaOh and this was somewhere in America but for some reason you could see the Eiffel Tower from your window.
  • zoeticaOh and then you threw a Christmas party. To get invited, one had to take a candy bar from a hobo in the street, then figure out that it was an invitation from being asked to describe the way it tasted in great detail. 👾
  • courtneyriot@zombiegogo We'll be in Liguria and then London. I'd love to see you! If not this time then a great excuse to visit Milan soon (which I really want to do). I should just talk Sean into doing another Italian villa/shoot fest and ask to tag along 😉
  • courtneyriot@zoetica your dreams make me jealous. I am concerned that I asked party goers to take a candy bar to a hobo rather than deliver. I would definitely request a selfie as proof and let the best, most creative win (no doubt, you would win and possibly be the only one in attendance because, hello duck lips and poorly composed selfies!) Dreams, man. What do they mean. Can we set up a skype date next week?
  • veganstraightedgeI love that table.
  • zoetica@courtneyriot yessss! Let me know when is goooood.
  • zombiegogo@courtneyriot Ohhh when in Liguria? I'm going there mid June (13-16)
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