ASSIGNMENT! Photography + Memory = WHA?!? So many of our memories are informed by images of moments we don’t actually remember. But they happened, right? 
@NPR wants to know: Do you have a #fakememory based entirely on old photos you've seen of yourself? Moments you think you remember only because you’ve seen a picture?

Here's one, from our former intern @iamjimtuttle: "I don't have an actual recollection of being photographed with a bottle of whiskey in my grandparents' kitchen (I was 9 months old),” he says, “but my knowledge of that place and my family (made during Labor Day weekend, 1986) make it easy to imagine the incident as if it were a real memory.

Tag one photo #fakememory and tell us the story in the caption: Where are you, why, and what's special about it? (Any photos tagged in the next 10 days are eligible to featured here on Instagram or on @NPR's website.)
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