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  • saraaedaa_ask miii turkce yazmis lan 😂
  • photo_alix❤️
  • best_believe_iCan you marry me? 🤔😋
  • a1kayleenjust ignore the hate beliebers doing to you , you had a point Selena on what you said he should have betrayed his fans for a 17 YEAR OLD GIRL he met a few weeks ago over fans that been there for him thru thick and I love you and him but what he did was very wrong of him he should know better then to betray his fans over a girl that looks like a 3 year old next to him. you have no comparison over her your so much better prettier and have a good heart. and I'm a belieber and a selianator I've been ur fan since I was little since wizards of waverly place and before that I love you 2 deeply but what he did was very wrong and you had a point you shouldn't feel bad bc of what you said so just ignore them they don't know any better do you and don't worry about the haters I love you deeply have a nice day💖 hope you see this.
  • berfin.yildiz62I love you @selenagomez
  • isidorannnnnI love you @selenagomez
  • isidorannnnnI love you
  • isidorannnnnI love you
  • isidorannnnn❤❤❤👑
  • isidorannnnn❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • dusensoncemreMy idol, my angel, my queen, my everything, I am a Turkish Selenator. I am here for you my angel♥♥♥♥ you will get well soon. I sure. I am proud of you. You are my idol. My everything. I love you so so so so much. You are the most important person in my life. You are my life. Selena ♥ please get well soon. I am praying for you♥ I miss you a lot♥ Never give up Selena! Don't forget! YOU ARE STRONG WARRIOR. @selenagomez I will always you my Princess♥ Don't forget! YOU ARE STRONG WARRIOR. STAY STRONG♥ #wearehereforyouselena #purpleforlupus #getwellsoonselena #strongwarriorselena #staystrongselena
  • selenagiveuspowerYou love your job?
  • olyachka123Cool😘
  • ipeksevilleAşk
  • fuzail.hoosenU motivate and inspire every one ily @selenagomez
  • kmiila1WE MISS U
  • kels_mariee7why are you so pretty
  • xesrayaman
  • _esteba.n@a.l3xa 😍
  • gavinobernalYou Look So Wonderful, Beautiful, Lovely, Fantastic, & Adorable Selena. Enjoy Your Night, Have a Speedy Recovery, Have Fun, & Stay Strong Selena. God Bless You & Thank You So Much Selena.👑☺️👍🙏🏆🌹💋
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