Let's do this! At @magersandquinn until 2PM!
  • austinkleonLet's do this! At @magersandquinn until 2PM!

  • marisaqrI just love what you do.. I just received the book signed. Thanks for taking time to do that... I'm starting to read it today :)
  • farucho98Hey! i'm looking for the book Godel Escher Bach! Woowww!
  • mulattoleeBest author I've read!!
  • mulattoleeCome to NC
  • michaelferrariTwo of my favorite books. I recommend them to all creatives!!
  • sacitxnI have both! And both are marked up with "ah ha's", ideas and inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and writing these books - love love love ❤️❤️❤️
  • maryjohoffmanSorry I missed this. I'm the one who bumped into you at Lucias. Was just hoping to share the story of how inspiring your books and words have been to me and my husband. Will send you an email. Welcome to the Twin Cities. We are very nice here.
  • welner@austinkleon come to Vegas bum.
  • austinkleon@welner do people actually read in Vegas?
  • austinkleon@maryjohoffman nice to meet you. isn't Lucia's good? YUM
  • ari_cari_89Just passed them on to @micole_r per your request. truly inspirational. #makeitatrilogy 👌
  • johnfehlenReading Show your Work right now and loving it. Thx.
  • ghidoI'm glad to find your Instagram. Your books are awesome! ❤️
  • annetics_❤️🌟❤️
  • rubindenkumar@austinkleon do you have any plan to come down to malaysia? 😁
  • ritakovtunWhy do I only find out about this now. #sadminnesotan
  • alexacarpenter__I just did a school presentation on Steal Like an Artist and got an A thanks for inspiring me
  • natttlezI'm in love with both of those books! A true inspiration! Keep writing!
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