Happy early #MothersDay to the greatest mom that a son (and his 11 brothers and sisters) could hope for. #TBT from 1990.
  • speakerboehnerHappy early #MothersDay to the greatest mom that a son (and his 11 brothers and sisters) could hope for. #TBT from 1990.

  • adohfldcyour first term! i was in oxford, ohio and saw your green signs everywhere.
  • mohaid3rI always love to see people respecting their mothers. @speakerboehner I hope she lives a long life
  • angelicvisionsgreat Pic!
  • pontick37keep up the good work and don't pay attention to whiners on facebook. Those that want to work, will find work
  • mom_mom2Good son... You never stop being her baby boy no matter how old you are.😊
  • boesieboes@speakerboehner do u know Ryan he says ur his great uncle my dad works with Ryan
  • boesieboesAt CGB
  • elcalinperudo the right thing and bring immigration reform bill(or step by step approach) to the floor.
  • justicesnopandaHappy Mothers Day!!!
  • justicesnopandaLove you so much John!!!!
  • davidnlizaWow my mother also gave birth to 8 brother's and 3 sisters and I miss her so much.
  • lipsticknpistolShe raised a tyrant
  • rance_oYou look like Jim Jones
  • kymcohengoplayJohn, ( @speakerboehner ) see my face? Okay, let's get this straight...it's official...I'm no longer ”INVISIBLE” to you. What do you get from hurting me and 3 million other innocent people? Joy? Make your Mom proud and please...RenewUI. Give me & other families a chance to at least buy our Dads something for Father's Day since you left us with NO MONEY to give our Moms a present for Mother's Day. Really S h i t t y, John. You know, just because you got abused for the color of your skin does NOT give you the right to hurt 3 million and their kin!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kymcohengoplayPart 2. @speakerboehner you had a Mom who provided for you, gave 11 children food, shelter, love, inspiration, not just a roof over their heads but a Home. A place you felt secure. Loved. No matter what. Denying EUC to millions of families takes that very same opportunity away from that many mothers nationwide. I'm confused why you show such insensitivity. It's baffling. Just think...that child, who is now homeless with his Mom on the street or at a homeless shelter, that little innocent person could have grown up to be the Speaker of the House...like you. Instead, you're teaching that the government is rotten, heartless, callous, would rather use humans then give them the chance at the American Dream. I ask you...will you please allow the unemployed...the 3 million people to enjoy our financial independent by Independence Day? Please...end the suffering and game playing, John. You aren't even showing the public you are trying. I'm in communication with Fitzpatrick, Levin, Heck, Heller, McCarthy, Cantor, Pelosi, Obama, Pope Francis, Schwarz...and it's being noticed that you aren't trying in the least in any way visually to show the public any good faith effort. That's what makes it worse, Sir. If you let up just a little, at least one of your bills will pass. I promise. I've called all 5 of your offices and go right into voicemail. You do not reply to tweets or fb, so maybe my words will be read here. I know petiole who recently went on High Blood Pressure medicine from the stress you're causing. That's not right, John. Let up. Please. Stop. We know you're in charge and holding the power. That's why I'm humbly asking for your help day and night. Thank You...for eventually doing the right thing and voting Yes to Renew the EUC extension.
  • kymcohengoplay@johnboehner oops, Auto correct hit, I meant *Schwartz.
  • kymcohengoplay@johnboehner *people, not petiole. sorry...you see I'm still human with my mistakes.
  • peeb__Are you vampire
  • yaritaa28@speakerboehner Sir. You are a heartless human being having all this humans beings suffering for their kids and families. You get home to a well air conditioned home. With electricity and water to take a good warm shower right.? Well millions are losing that because of your decision not to renew euc. You gave your MOTHER A GREAT GIFT FOR MOTHERS. DAY WELL MILLIONS COULD NOT EVEN AFFORD A CARD. YOU BASTARD YOUR MOTHER DID A GREAT JOB RAISING YOU.
  • yaritaa28@speakerboehner i know you wony answer any of this comments because you dont care what the people has to say is not important for you. As a matter of fact you dont even see this. You have another piece of crap person just like you posting for you. And ignoring us the people that put you there.
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