Heading somewhere over the #rainbow? Tell us where. Great photo via @_dheejhay_. #united #unitedairlines #avgeek #instaplanes
  • unitedHeading somewhere over the #rainbow? Tell us where. Great photo via @_dheejhay_. #united #unitedairlines #avgeek #instaplanes

  • aviancafanpageWe love your pictures @united, please follow us! We are big fans!
  • hertlifeI'm real bummed on you guys.
  • landandseamediaIs this hawaii?
  • mcosylionYour customer service is awful. Wouldn't recommend your airline to anyone
  • _aviationspotter_90Follow me!!!
  • united@hertlife We're sorry to hear that. If there's anything we can help remedy, send us your information on united.com/feedback. ^Rob
  • united@mcosylion We have a dedicated team who can respond to any concerns you may have regarding your post-travel experience. Visit united.com/feedback. Thanks. ^Rob
  • bct1012Would you please consider reposting one of my United pictures? Im a huge fan and it would mean alot to me!
  • united@bct1012 Occasionally we do! Be sure to tag your photo with #unitedairlines. ^Rob
  • evazzie@united hi! My dads flight has been cancelled and hes stuck alone for 5 hours in newark. EW. how can we get our money back?! thanks in advance for your swift cooperation. Really looking forward to talking to a real live person from your team. 💗 or else.
  • united@evazzie You'll have to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and send us a private message with the confirmation number. Thanks. ^Rob
  • zuerichspotter757 💙💙💙💙💙
  • united@hasham_21 Thanks for your feedback. Some of our 747s have been relocated to our hometown of ORD. They're flying to Shanghai and Munich, to name a couple. Hope to see you on board. ^Rob
  • evazzie@united hi rob. I did reach out on twitter but no one has gotten back to me. Is there a direct number i can use? Ppl keep referring me to a number that puts me on hold for over ten minutes. My father ended up flying at around 9 pm for a flight meant to leave at noon. He received nothing--no information, no food, no vouchers. This just isnt acceptable. It was very stressful and disappointing for the both of us. Please let me know how to directly speak with a representative or ill contact AirHelp.
  • aviationdj@united are you turning the 747 in to cargo units because you carry Royal Mail from UK and USA mail to the UK and the packages.I live in the Bay Area ans spot at SFO or KSFO and see 747 an the international and say going to china.And is it true you as @united will not got the a380 because of the size but might get an a 340 to completely take out the 747 and put an a340 in the system @united
  • aviationdj@united plz get back ASAP plz
  • united@aviationdj We do not currently have those plans for our 747s. We are purchasing A350-1000 aircraft, but currently don't have plans for an A380. Thanks! ^Rob
  • aviationdj@united a350-1000 WXB reply plz ASAP oh and up there that's what another aviation spotter thanked @aviationdj
  • infiniteflightclub@united
  • jeremyhasasidekick#worstairlineever
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