Tap video for sound
  • mollykatekestnerAWESOME NEWS! :) #watchit #loveit #spreadtheword

  • ahmehrih@nikkaaguilar1995 it's gonna be on itunes! 👌😊
  • nikkaaguilar1995Omg amen! Im sooo excited :D
  • bayleekbolinger@molly_kate95 can't wait! Such a great testimony can't wait to share it with my sweet babygirl!💕
  • stratis_morfogenMolly your amazing. We need to discuss your career w your parent if your under 18. Please checkout our co @ MSOCB.com stratis
  • tiffany_sanders10@mmmmm_3 see lol
  • tiffany_sanders10@kellysmithsonxo
  • m_ran3Oh snap that's awesome. @tiffany_lamoyea
  • kparades@tiffany_lamoyea yay!!!!! I hope it sound just like the YouTube version lol
  • brittt_bmwHaven't been able to get your song out of my head from the moment I heard it. I know you're gonna go far cause if just this one song made me stop doubting my faith then who knows what else you can be capable of. You are for sure someone who is going to have a million people looking up to you, I am already one of them. Thank you for inspiring me.
  • mollykatekestner@brittt_beee thank you so much ❤️
  • yazminedennisI have been watching your YouTube videos and you are incredible! Can you please go on Australis got talent or X Factor. One talented person that needs her voice to be heard by the whole world!😍☺️💕
  • kassymonsivaisOMG. Can I start off by saying you're so beautiful. Every single one of your songs have such a huge impact on my life now. You are an amazing singer. I know God has a lot in store for you Molly. I hope and pray for the best is yet to come into your future. I love youuu! ☺️ @molly_kate95
  • _allisonfaithThis is an amazing song I absolutely love it! It tells a story and is such a beautiful song!! @molly_kate95 my current fav song
  • michelle.ariassYour probably not going to respond to this but you seem like a really nice person from the interview that i saw on abc news and your my inspiration I have your song on replay and can't get it out of my head! Your soooo pretty and I really hope that you succeed and that I get to meet you one day!😍❤️ @molly_kate95
  • _megsterjoy_Awesome❤️ please please please put up "No One Ever Told You" it would literally mean so much, I love listening to your music on the way to school and back 🎶🙏 and I literally cry every time your songs have a lot of meaning to me @molly_kate95
  • wangenbaby2#thenextidol
  • bridgette_shawYes yes yes!!!! You're amazingly talented! Good luck on your journey!! 😘
  • shiannejade99@molly_kate95 I sang His Daughter for my choir finals and it is such a beautiful song! Your definitely an inspiration
  • maddie.411Best song ever💕
  • maddie.411Love that song
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