Falling back to earth // Cai Guo-Qiang
  • aislinnjulianaFalling back to earth // Cai Guo-Qiang

  • aislinnjuliana@albarkerr I literally spent an hour there it was so eerie and wacky! Like nothing I've ever seen before it felt like heaven or something ✨
  • babygyalallyYeah I know right!!! I havnt been there but I researched this collection for a project I was doing!
  • aislinnjuliana@albarkerr whaaaat! Well it's 100% better seeing it in person all the pieces are huge and so so cool
  • babygyalallyI know I can imagine 😩😩😩 lucky you!!!
  • anna_bentleyWhere is this!! Looks amazing
  • charjackson72This is one of my favourite sculptors at the moment I'm sooo jealous 😩
  • sarah_stanMissing you 💕😔
  • aislinnjuliana@anna_bentley Brisbane! @charjackson72 I didn't realize how famous it is I'm feeling pretty stoked I got to go because it's about to finish. Is it coming to NZ do you think?
  • aislinnjuliana@sarah_stan missing you too 😓
  • charjackson72From what I've heard it's not coming to New Zealand but I sooo wish it would I would love to see it in the flesh - you lucky thing!!!😩
  • dalal212Awww cooll can I post it in my profile ♥.♥
  • dalal212Its like the best pic I have ever seen
  • dalal212Really woooowwwwww In love with ur profile
  • cubancurlygirlWhere is this? It's amazing!!
  • lillyjlex110.5k notes on tumblr
  • dabrigitte🙌 love it!!!!!!!
  • chalaxyNot sure how we came across this photo but. Love it. Wondering if there is a way i can get permission to use this photo for album /single artwork for a U.S. Psych band :):) ??
  • aislinnjuliana@chalaxy thanks dude! Ahm well I'm fine with it if you give credit to my gram/name but you might need to look into contacting the artist to see if they're alright with it! DM me :)
  • gianvisiSo perfect
  • lanre21so much come to mind when you see a peace of art work like this. I would personality like to see hear the artist ideas in creating such a imaginative and gorgoues work
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