Tango sisters, connected at the rib! @abcdancing #DWTS @amypurdygurl
  • danicamckellarTango sisters, connected at the rib! @abcdancing #DWTS @amypurdygurl

  • micaelahkbI think u shouldn't have left Ur amazinggg
  • yujing6Danica, u are such a beautiful dancer. U have grown so much during the show as well and that last tango shows that and that tango was seriously amazing. I'm so sad to c u go home bcuz u seriously deserved to be in the finals and I'll miss seeing u dance every Monday. Hope your ribs heal fast! Again, I loved tht tango so much, it was powerful and amazing.
  • shine_bright_like_a_taylorYou've still won in my eyes!<3 You're such a inspiration! So sad to see you go:(
  • nancy_lattanzi@danikamckeller so very sorry to see you go home. You should have made it to the finals.
  • i_luv_keegan_allenIam so fucking pissed of wtf is wrong with people keeping Candace over Danika Candace sucks ass she better go home next Monday or I'm never watching again
  • priscillalawongGreat job. So unfair you shouldn't have went home. You're sweet and a great dancer!
  • michellehollandToo cute... You were so beautiful tonight. Wish you were still on though the finals
  • ksteelexo@danicamckellar I loved watching you grow as a person and as a dancer this season. You are the epitome of what DWTS is supposed to be all about. And although your journey ended far too soon, you are still a winner in the eyes of many! You're true dedication, commitment and determination has been inspiring! Keep shining and never lose your confidence. You're a beautiful dancer and person inside & out!
  • nataliebuongiorno24So unfair you are a great dancer #teamWinniecooper all the way!
  • zumbahkmimi86BOOOOOOOOO!! Should have been Candace vs Danica in the finals!
  • bllsgrl24@danicamckellar You did a great job this season! Always looked forward to watching you! 💃
  • ceg_zd3You are an amazing dancer and so many of us looked forward to seeing you take the floor. Wish you continued on to the finals. You'll always be our Winnie! Xoxo
  • taralynn52You did not deserve to go home yet !!! You r sooo much better than candace !!!
  • sofiapaniOmg amy should have went instead you of you!
  • msreynaliciousAw! 😊 Both of you are such good dancers.
  • _little_ress_You should not have gone home you are better then Candace
  • laura_trasfi@krenfierro jajajaj ve el coment anterior, totally you
  • simer_atwal98It makes me so mad that she went home. Why must Val get robbed for the third time in a row? It should've been James tbh there's been no proper journey for him-_- and I am so tired of team amy like seriously she doesn't deserve to be in the finals. Danica should've made it. Her tango was stunning
  • xo.ren.xoIn hip @lilttle_ress_
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