#NHLBruins practicing in the confines of the Garden before taking off for Montreal.
  • nhlbruins#NHLBruins practicing in the confines of the Garden before taking off for Montreal.

  • mariajs_91@tonster19 you don't have to like him, like I don't like a few basketball players that are different colours, that's dosent mean I'm racist?
  • kaigerlerMontreal will win game 3 #isupportsubban subs will score to #jesusprice will get a shutout to
  • kaigerlerHahahaha price is better than rask and habs don't suck there going to beat bruins
  • kaigerler@tonster19 ^^^^
  • rckfournierLets go.bruins ! if your not a fan of the black and gold stop talking on there stuff plain and simple
  • bostonbruinzzzzzHab fans are all the same. All weekend fans. Only get on board in the playoffs and 90 percent of them don't even know who there captin is. Go Bruins Go!
  • bjm0126@kthor87 seems like the experts were wrong choosing Rask as a finalist for the vezina trophy and not price?!? Or you could just be wrong... I'd go with you being terribly wrong.
  • emmer_45@kthor87 we will all remember what you said"habs don't suck there going to beat bruins" bet your Montreal divers can't last more than 5 games
  • bruins.nationNice game boys!!🐻🚨🐻🚨 follow me for bruins posts and more!! What a comeback bruins!!🐻
  • jmasdcWhat's wrong is the habs don't suck. They are a talented hard working team. Bruins are better, but have always had a tough time with the style of hockey the habs play. I'm not talking about the diving and cheapness or now the stick grabbing/holding. You can't say all habs fans are the same or we'd all be guilty for what a few fans tweeted about subban, who I hate as a player, but respect as a man. The bruins will win this series but it won't be easy and will go 6 or 7. Tukka is a true vezina candidate. Price is not as good nor the world class goalie the announcer says he is. The announcers hate the bs and have a hard on for the habs. Glaringly obvious. The bs have been hitting price with shots. Being in position and ready does not make you a vezina level goalie.
  • deleted867_5309@jmasdc nice speech 👍
  • sam.pears#BeatTheHabs
  • boston_bruins_nation#BeattheHabs!! 🐻🐻🐻Follow me for all things you need to know about the Bruins!! Go Black and gold!! 1000 followers and counting! Be apart of the Boston_Bruins_Nation!🐻🐻🐻
  • pistolpete1286Definition of Habs: group of diving puss bags that take cheapshots and never fight.
  • btgage_@flavmaturi027 woah I'm so sad u called our arena ugly
  • r.j.garrettDamn straight. Couldn't have said it better. #fuckmontreal @pistolpete1286
  • c_d_27Scrubby place to plays
  • kittles42#nhl15bergeron
  • koenigindellanotte#NHL15Bergeron
  • wgois519#nhl15bergeron
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