• feelingjoySat nam lovelies! Teaching tomorrow morning @malibubeachyoga 9AM

    So #grateful I get to start the week like this! ✨🙏✨ I've come to realize that my journey into becoming a teacher has aided immensely in my personal growth.. When I'm leading a class or connecting personally in a private session, I'm required to hold space and become very present with my students. The moment I begin thinking about a planned sequence, or trying to figure out the best 'right' thing to say, it falls out of beat.

    When I'm fully present, let go, and just allow things to flow from my center, it becomes fluid and supple, unfolding beautifully, as it should.. I've come to realize that this mirrors the rest of my life's existence. Every time I choose to let go the whole thing changes and life surprises me in the best of ways... Taking the path of least resistance... "Let go and let God" as Marianne Williamson puts it.
    I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach and lead others into present moment mindful awareness, and truly welcome all that it teaches me in return.
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  • positivepringle🙏🙏🙏
  • fuzzymuzzy33Thanks for the lovely class!! 🌟🙏🌟
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