Yup I did it! Negative comments welcome but be warned, I do NOT care what anyone thinks 😊
  • nikkolemtvYup I did it! Negative comments welcome but be warned, I do NOT care what anyone thinks 😊

  • kellyadonohoe@nikkolemtv Haters gonna hate... smart idea to put it somewhere that isn't always visible. Why not for free tanning?!
  • brookelizabethxIf they go out of business she can get it covered up obv
  • lovelyyadriPeople saying shes gonna get cancer yea but everyone gotta die somehow
  • itsritaramsYou're officially the dumbest person ever existed.
  • mollyquallsWho cares what people say. I'd get it too lol. How big is it?
  • brittanyannbidwellHaha i think this awesome! I would totally do it if i got free tanning haha YOLO BITCHES!!! @nikkolemtv thanks for following back! Your episode is my favorite
  • alexandracantatoreShit I'd do that
  • _jennalabatpeople act like a tattoo can't be covered, like really.
  • smalltowngirl_xoI don't get it what does it mean
  • ____laurchar@smalltowngirl420 means nothing, it's advertising for where she sunbeds she will now get tan for free each time.
  • smalltowngirl_xoWell that's dumb haha
  • smalltowngirl_xoThanks for filling me in 😂 @lchar93
  • taytayy1orLOL
  • ashirvDo you boo.
  • richelleemybelleePsh id do it
  • maria_stacymaxOmg so you got the tanning logo tattooed on your body...lol I must say that's pretty lame...im sorry...I heard that they were going to let people get a free tattoo on their website awhile back ago, cant remember when it was, but when I asked they said that you can get a whole year of free tanning in the regular bed which I think is the 5000 series if you were to get their logo tattooed on your body... thats stupid if you ask me....
  • kacilanae@aprill33
  • gmoney589whats electrik beach
  • kkh.kaydiI know this is long ago, but who gives a fuck, it's nikkole's body.
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