• musicalhousesTagged by @paradeoflove to show you my non-beauty related #wishlist! Outside of my thing with makeup and beauty products, I'll admit I'm actually a simple person with simple needs - I'm not picky about food, and outside of work I'm a real slob in T-shirts and jeans or shorts. So I don't have many things I "wish" for outside of beauty products, but here are a few #fashion-related things I love and always like:
    @Botkier #bags! I have the Trigger and James #Satchels, and #Botkier is my favourite brand of bags, for the well-thought-out interior details as well as the gorgeous exterior. If I had unlimited money I would probably be collecting them! In my list is the Valentina Satchel, the Legacy Satchel, and the Logan Satchel
    @rebeccaminkoff #purses! Along with Botkier, #RebeccaMinkoff is my favourite brand. I love her style! I'm ogling the Morning After Bag Mini and Cupid Bag
    @DorothyPerkins pencil #dresses! I get quite a lot of my work #clothes from the #DorothyPerkins sales, and if money were no objection I would probably get all my clothes from there all year round, sales or no! I love the cut - it accommodates curvier and larger girls like me, the hemlines aren't too short, and the material and sewing quality is actually really good for the non-sale price - I would argue that they're better than all their competitors at similar price points, and possible some other more pricey brands, lol. Every time I wear a DP #pencildress I get compliments on it, so I'm a big fan of their clothes! Their #pencildresses and other clothes are always on my wishlist! #clozette

  • musicalhouses@loveforskincare yeah I wear a lot of dresses and skirts to work. I think in my 3.5 years of work I've only worn pants once, and that was because I had to wear a cleanroom suit to tour a plant, so I couldn't wear skirt lol! Can't wait to see your tag!
  • musicalhouses@diamondinrouge yes! I know most people drool over the really expensive Chanel etc bags, but for me the relatively cheaper brands (relatively being the key word) have great designs too!
  • musicalhouses@sugar73 yes! I totally love wearing my dresses to work, I wear them over and over again until they spoil, so I would totally splurge on a great work dress lol!
  • musicalhouses@mintxrose hehe! Between RM and Botkier I prefer Botkier, but I do think RM seems to have more fans..
  • musicalhouses@farahdean I remember when tpf was doing that one! The brown and blue combo was do stunning! And the basketweave! I've always wanted a cloud grey something (like a cloud grey mam or Nikki bag or something) but that colour was waaay sold out by the time I got into bags, lol.
  • musicalhouses@carriesim got! Cos I can be quite loud (volume and personality-wise lol) at times when I get excited, so definitely not ladylike lol! I don't think I'm a tomboy, but I'm not the most girly girl either lol.
  • carriesim@musicalhouses ok la ur choices so far in Instagram post above screams classy! Maybe behavior wise ur family and friends might disagree but hey, you've got style😎
  • farahdeanI had a cloud grey MAB w neon pink lining. But that was the time I actively buy RM & the QA was bad so I sold off everything. Cloud grey is divine!!! Yummy leather.
  • musicalhouses@carriesim lol! Ok la from that one insta post then look like got style. Dunno whether in real life can sustain or not! Btw can I tag you to play this too? I realized I haven't tagged you in any of my tags yet - this needs to change!
  • carriesimHaha go ahead!
  • musicalhouses@farahdean ya lor, one of the reasons why I prefer botkier is the more consistent quality. I have a MAM black and white quilted color with silver hardware and that thing is famous for having the silver hardware fall apart because of the design of the silver hardware -____- pity her nice designs are all ruined by horrible quality issues! I always wondered why the tpf thread for RM had so much more hype when IMHO botkier was similar and had much better quality. Her more recent releases seem better tho!
  • musicalhousesok officially tagging you too @carriesim :D
  • carriesim☺️ok will do this tmr!
  • farahdeanI think her quality issues improved by leaps & bounds! Thank goodness for us. I had some botkier bags too but kept none. Just a phase for me. I think Treesje makes nice bags too. Did yours fall apart too? Getting it fixed then was quite a pain too.
  • poshifiedbeautyI just did the tag today! Hehe. Great minds do think alike! 😘 I love those style of dresses as well! Very feminine 💃
  • ladies_journalLollll 😂😂😂
  • musicalhouses@farahdean no mine didn't fall apart thankfully! But now I'm a bit wary of using it lol
  • farahdeanHating that what if it does to me feel. The very reason I sold all of mine from that period. But if yours don't all these while, unlikely for it to fall apart.
  • fungiwungiYou wish for more guinea piggies!
  • musicalhouses@fungiwungi lol!
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