This app helps so much! Keep plugging away! 😷😷🚬🚬🚬 #nomoresmoking
  • catelynnmtvThis app helps so much! Keep plugging away! 😷😷🚬🚬🚬 #nomoresmoking

  • uchina32It sure does! I use it! Every time I want to buy a pack of cigs I look at how far I've come & it helps me NOT smoke. You can do it! I quit 2/5/2014. I've been smoking 22 yrs. Good luck!
  • mommmyrevy21I have been vaping for 9 months, I was a pack to pack and half a day smoker. I am now down to 0 nicotine and work on stop the hand to mouth fixation. I found the nic easy to stop but that mental fixation of always needing something in my mouth or my hand is by far the hardest part to kick
  • miss_mimi93Downloading it now ❤️ @xo_melissakay
  • kt2coullThe app is called > quit now
  • ktotheron@cynthiaaw
  • heart_on.fire2388Go cold turkey it works best.
  • tiffnugent@ogibo71
  • janietatt@catelynnmtv What app is that? Not trading one addiction for another with vapor. Just want to quit!
  • beckamcnuttyThe app is called quit smoking!
  • happily_married_m0mmaOmg.... does nobody ever read all the comments??? Its called "QUIT NOW" Catelyn said it twice in the comments above.... HOLY SHIT people, learn to read so she dont have to keep repeating herself!!!! BTW Great job @catelynnmtv
  • iwouldratherbedreamingGood for you! You're way too pretty to be doing that to yourself! But I know it's hard @catelynnmtv
  • kmgrutersYou can do it!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! @catelynnmtv
  • shankmomma@catelynnmtv I'm also a mom and preggers with my third child, I decided to quit about a month ago but I'm really struggling, if u can do it tho I know I can. Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • maidalysoYay good job ! Smoking is unattractive don't ruin yourself like that !
  • drsuesst@catelynnmtv what's the name of this app???
  • reagansmommy7What is this app called? @catelynnmtv my boyfriend needs this app badly👍😃👍😃👍
  • breeliz22@catelynnmtv I have struggled to quit all year. How has it been? I am weening myself off of them now. In hopes to be done by Monday.
  • shortiey06@catelynnmtv what's the app called?
  • savvyyrosee1110Keep reading this, until the end. Or I will sleep in your bed forever. A girls mom passed the next day. Repost 20x or else.
  • katie.hagart.xIve just downloaded this, hopefully can help xx
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