Not long before Game 2 of #NHLBruins vs. #Canadiens at TD Garden. Puck drop scheduled for 12:30 pm!
  • nhlbruinsNot long before Game 2 of #NHLBruins vs. #Canadiens at TD Garden. Puck drop scheduled for 12:30 pm!

  • fedoce4GO B's
  • __alexwagner@lucas1276 why are you a habs fan in a bruins fan page...
  • joveticlover35montreal pfuj
  • maddiejackman17@ellie_potterrr why are you on a boston account if you like the Habs?? Go find the Habs account
  • rihollenIf all the fans of other teams left this account there would be no followers. The bruins have one of the lowest amount of fans in the nhl and I'm not trying to be rude, that's a fact, u can look it up @maddie_jackman
  • rihollenRacist @patsgirl87 keep those Comments to urself no one wants to hear stuff like that
  • hjm.xo@r_e_h_345 wtf are you talking about. Lol. I can say whatever the hell I want.
  • rihollenwtf no one wants to hear ur excuses and i think 3,000 death threats and 17000 tweets telling him the same thing is enough. And the bruins said that whoever says that aren't real fans @patsgirl87
  • hjm.xo@r_e_h_345 are you a fucking retard dude? I don't actually want to kill anyone you dumb ass. Its an expression... in sports you say you want to murder or kill the other team as in destroy them in a good victory. I don't actually want anyone dead. Hahaha. You're such a dumbass. Just be quiet...
  • rihollenR u retarded do u even know what happened people were posting pictures of ropes and pictures saying how monkeys don't belong in the nhl. U r blocked from my account. Look up Malcolm Subban online and then u will realize how many freakin bruins fans r idiots @patsgirl87
  • rihollenFreakin dumbass, do u know what the news is? Wtf do u even know about hockey @patsgirl87
  • hjm.xo@r_e_h_345 Lmao you're a fag dude. Fuck subban. Fuck montreal. Fuck you. You're a straight up idiot if you actually think I eant people to kill them. Lmfao stfu
  • adam_belovich@patsgirl87 hey guess what the habs have won 24 stanly cups and the bruins have won 6 so eat shit #habsforthecup @r_e_h_345
  • rihollen@thunder6516 I agree! eat shit and stfu up bc who just whooped ur freaking dumbasses @patsgirl87 and btw when I say I blocked u I can't exactly read ur comments #idiot
  • aviv_frechetteHabs rule bitch
  • chefsaidwhaaatStop living in the past #fuckthehabs both of you weren't even alive for they're run and you may have been in your single digits when they won in 93. Stfu. #habssuck
  • chefsaidwhaaat#bandwagon #holeentirebagofdicks #justsuckonit
  • mike_postmaPeace Bruins! You guys suck! Thought you were supposed to be the president trophy winner's. Doesn't show!
  • kittles42#nhl15bergeron
  • cammacedo96#nhl15bergeron
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