And then Hakkasan happened
  • adamauburnAnd then Hakkasan happened

  • lee_underwood_You get one every three months, but that's it! Those are the rules. Ps. Check out AFTER.
  • adamauburn@lee_underwood_ worst fucking club ever. I left after 2 hours and ate some matzo ball soup.
  • lee_underwood_Agreed. Never again.
  • chazz_scott@adamauburn agree w you 💯%
  • stephcova33@adamauburn what was wrong with club?
  • hai2yoooFloors stacked on top of each other and it seems like ur js enclosed. I don't smoke but there's no smokin area so ppl smoke inside wtf. Literally can't move in there either.
  • howl04Lmao too many ravers? @adamauburn
  • miss_bee19I liked it the first time I went , but it's getting worse. Didn't even stay for tiestos full set . Was way over capacity and annoying ! I've been seeing great djs locally at smaller places here at home like sutra, create, exchange...
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