We hope your weekend really takes off! #united #unitedairlines #sunset #jetset #travel #nashville
  • unitedWe hope your weekend really takes off! #united #unitedairlines #sunset #jetset #travel #nashville

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  • alphaviationHey @corkspotter it's hard to find an Instagram friend on this account 😂😊😆
  • corkspotterLOL!😂 @planesplus
  • united@mwmstunts We regret to hear this. Please share these details and any others you may have to united.com/feedback for a formal response. Thank you. ^Rob
  • amylou718I had my first bad United experience this weekend unfortunately. Got booked on the wrong flight and they claimed it was my fault, had to pay $350 to change it else I'd miss a friend's wedding. I'm very loyal to United but disappointed with how this was handled. I don't really want a form letter formal response from the Web site. Any other advice for follow up?
  • united@amylou718 Hi Amy, we regret to hear about this experience. The best way for us to address all of your concerns is to provide information at united.com/feedback. We need this because we have to collect all relevant flight information and your contact info. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope we get another chance to show you more great experiences. ^Rob
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  • just.bryan@united Once when I was flying From KLAX to EGLL one of the flight attendates was really Rude the whole entire flight SHE DID UGH WHEN I WANTED JUICE AND IT WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CART I say bad service And I'm a KID AND SHES RUDE she's very lazy SHE ALWAYS SAID UGHHHH when we arrived at the gate And everyone was saying good-bye SHE SAID FINNALLY IM DONE. I heard her say it in a soft voice
  • united@noodlearmsnoob13 What was your flight number, date of travel, and seat number? We can review this. Thanks. ^Rob
  • jberger4534I am flying from DEN to DRO on a Q400. Does that aircraft have room in the overhead or will our carry ons have to be taken away @united
  • planesbfunQ400's are relatively small propellor aircraft ( operated by coltan air?) . If you plan on boarding last, you should probably check your bag
  • jberger4534Operated by Piedmont. But is there room to check a normal sized carry on in the overhead @united @planesbfun
  • planesbfunHmm, I guess United dropped Colgan Air. Continental had Colgan Air for what I like to call the "very regional" routes (Houston to Beaumont, College Station, etc.). I would like to add that Q400's are good aircraft depending on the airline. WestJet has some very nice ones, as for United, I believe they inherited them from Continental so you can expect everything to be decent if not better than average. Cheers
  • jberger4534It's actually republic airlines. My bad. Are they good @planesbfun
  • planesbfun@jberger4534 I'm not aware if I've flown on a United flight operated by Republic. Down here at IAH, the dominant operator for UnitedExpress is Express Jet. I've flown twice on Express Jet. Houston to Asheville,NC (the route is closed as a result of United's decision to close a bunch of Houston routes due to the city approving Sourhwest Airlines international flights from Hobby airport). and Houston to Atlanta. I find it ridiculous that United cant fly a plane larger than an ERJ to Atlanta from Houston.
  • jberger4534I'm also flying a short flight. It's Chautauqua dba Delta Connection. It's an ERJ145-LR. What are your thoughts on the ERJ 145 @planesbfun
  • planesbfun@jberger4534 Personally, I don't care for regional jets in general. I've found the ERJ series to be the newest and most comfortable of the regional jets that I've flown on. As long as you are not flying on one of United's ancient CRJ's your regional experience should be decent. Speaking of Delta though, I have flown them once before. It was actually Continental Airlines from IAH - ATL and then Delta Connection from ATL to Asheville, North Carolina. It was a CRJ-200 and it was maybe five years ago, so leg room wasn't as much of an issue for me as it is now. The flight attendant(yes there was only one) was constantly making jokes, which made the short flight enjoyable.
  • loganwekselblattWill @united have more services in and out of atlantic city (kacy)? As of today they have service to Houston and Chicago. But will there ever be more locations for you out of atlantic city? Just wondering @united because my family and I love to fly out of there either on @united or spirit
  • jeremyhasasidekick#worstairlineever
  • phillygooseHey United- I am flying from Houston to JAX sometimes in July! See y'all soon!!!!!!!!
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