The Limited <3's Teachers!  In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we're celebrating the educators that make a difference!  Comment below and tell us about your favorite teacher who made the most impact on your professional career, and you'll be entered to win a $150 gift card. The winner will be announced on May 6th! #teacherlove #win #instawin #thelimited #teacherstyle #teacherchic #teacherappreciation
  • thelimitedThe Limited <3's Teachers! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we're celebrating the educators that make a difference! Comment below and tell us about your favorite teacher who made the most impact on your professional career, and you'll be entered to win a $150 gift card. The winner will be announced on May 6th! #teacherlove #win #instawin #thelimited #teacherstyle #teacherchic #teacherappreciation

  • sosamaru@mrsnattpich
  • cal_beccaMichelle Lofquist my role model which helped me through high school with every subject after school and during lunch time.. Although in a moment in my life , I was struggling with my life and school and that discouraged me so I wanted to drop out , but once I met Michelle Lofquist she changed my life completely with her advices and support. She inspired me to become a better student ;therefore, thanks for her help and support I graduated high school and I'm now in Riverside Community College studying to become an interpreter for the court . I was really blessed to have in my life without her courage ; I wouldn't have in the position that I am now . Bless you miss Lofquist wherever you are ❤
  • elizabeth__michelleMrs. Wiesner, my high school journalism teacher. She student taught my sophomore year and overtook the school newspaper my junior year. I watched her help us transform a paper of low quality to something I was actually proud of. She made me fall in love with journalism, and I had always wanted to be a teacher. I decided why not become a high school journalism teacher? I'm now a senior in college at the same one Mrs. Weisner attended. I graduate in December after student teaching next semester. I can only hope to be able to make such a positive influence on a child's life like she has on mine!
  • kathyblanchardMy second grade teacher, Mrs. Corder. She did nothing but love her students. No favorites, just loved them all like they were her own. I have been teaching for 8 years and I hope I can be half the teacher she was. #thelimited #teacherappreciation
  • mrsberry81My 5th grade teacher, Ms Mangano. She taught me how to strive for excellence from everything to perfecting my handwriting (not a lost skill in my eyes) to prepping/studying for an "A" on every single test in 5th grade! She really made me realize the value in education at such a critical age.
  • fergpartyof5#ltdlovesteachers my fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Parks. She is the one who inspired me to become a teacher!
  • andi_dierkesShe wasn't my teacher personally. But Ms. Miracle was an amazing third grade teacher and is now an amazing principle. She helped raise me to be the person I am today and she sets and amazing example for the younger generations! #thelimited #teacherappreciation #teacherlove #teacherchic #teacherstyle
  • tonyamichelle_Mrs. Maryellen Noonan - who taught me that a good book can take you places you never knew you could go, good writing can connect people across all parts of the human experience, and most importantly, everyone you meet is facing a struggle of their own.
  • phdbeautyDr. R. Simms was my most influential teacher. She taught the history of civilization. She taught me not to perpetuate the welfare syndrome. She gave no extra credit. I was required to earn my grade. And I still work hard today because of her. I am a teacher! #teacherlove #win #instawin #thelimited #teacherstyle #teacherchic #teacherappreciation
  • phdbeauty#ltdlovesteachers Dr. R. Simms was my most influential teacher. She taught The History of Civilization. She taught me to work hard and to not expect anyone to give me anything. She always said do no perpetuate the welfare syndrome. She requires me to earn my A in her class. I am a teacher. And I expect the same of my students. #teacherstyle #teacherappreciation #teacherlove #teacherchic #win #instawin
  • daniellepeltonDr. Dickerson is the sweetest lady I have ever come across. She is patient, smart, and loving. She was a perfect instructor that encouraged all to shine and make out impact on our community.
  • megschmelzer#ltdlovesteachers My high school English teacher flat out told me I was crazy to not go to school for teaching. She must have seen the future because now I am following her footsteps as an middle school English teacher. She changed my life.
  • akelasunriseI work with a group of amazing teachers. As an educator myself, I can say that I have learned from an outstanding group of women. One in particular is Samantha Guise, she is an outstanding teacher that regardless of what her students come first. In the last 3 years she has transitioned from 1st to 4th to 5th grade because of her talents. She is patient, understanding, and an advocate for her students. I thrive to learn from her.
  • akelasunrise#LTDlovesteachers
  • mizbrewer#ltdlovesteachers I have many teachers throughout that have touched my life in some way, but some that are extra special are 1 my first grade teacher, Mrs. Dickerson, and 2 my 6th grade science teacher Mrs. James. They both were such an inspiration at a special time in a little girl's life as a first grader, & then as a young adolescent. They not only educated mr, but helped guide me & taught me to make good decisions. They may be partly to blame that I am a teacher myself 😊!
  • mizbrewer*me (not mr...can't stand those typos! Must be the teacher in me) lol
  • corina.corina#LTDlovesteachers Dr. DeAntonio was my college physics professor. He is bright and cares about finding and using the best teaching techniques in his classroom. His lectures were accompanied by jokes, making students run around, randomized participation... It was genius! And of course I got an A at the end of the course, learned a lot, and had fun on top of it. :) I will always remember him.
  • cb035My high school history teacher Ms. Dyer definitely shaped me into the woman I am now. Her bright smile, her strong personality, and knowledge taught me to never quit and be the strong woman I am. Her fashion sense also taught me "look good, feel good, do good." I take this outlook every where and it has lead me and shaped me into a strong woman. Without her I would not be who I am today! #teacherappreciation #ltdlovesteachers
  • sbangsbMy high school english teacher, Mr. Lampo definitely was an influential person in my life. He taught me the meaning to never quit on something. Even if I failed, reflect on it and try my best next time. He definitely taught me how to not quit and to live life to the fullest. I won't ever give up! #LTDlovesTeachers
  • mirakurls@TheLimited I don't like to share my opinion about every single thing unless I have a very important point to be made. My college professor encouraged and challenged me to be more vocal and assertive in class (and life), that has made all the difference in my professional career. #LTDLOVESTEACHERS
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