What a GREAT NIGHT witth My Beautiful Sister❤💃💃
@kylerichards18 @bravotv 
#comcast #bravo 2014 Cable Show #TheEdison
  • kimrichards11What a GREAT NIGHT witth My Beautiful Sister❤💃💃
    @kylerichards18 @bravotv
    #comcast #bravo 2014 Cable Show #TheEdison

  • kec2277Is that Kathy or Kyle?
  • kfitzy5You girls look awesome!!!
  • haileymasmithI ❤️ you guys!!! So lucky to have each other!
  • ricefabeYou are both really gorgeous
  • dawnmahmutLovely lady's x
  • lstaid740Love you Girl, you are a riot! You bring humor and fun to the show!!
  • mzcoralynnAwesome ladies!
  • jessicacrockettxo❤️❤️😍😻💋
  • yvettethibaultGlad she's doing well. I've been rooting for her @kylerichards18
  • marymcnamara@kimrichards11 @jackson_trilley and I love your work! You're such an inspiration to is both ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • honeyscratch@alfredwashere what's on kyles head?
  • lovelymakeupmommyI would love to send you some 3D fiber lash mascara to try!
  • swizztopher@kimrichards11 @kylerichards18 happy Mother's Day ! #love ya
  • drisso11Happy Mother's Day Kim
  • luxuriousstoneC👣👣👣👣me😊so I can👣👣👣👣back @kimrichards11
  • kyle.himself@henz1 don't loooook!!
  • henz1@kylooshka so us 💖
  • cre8iniv8You are the beautiful one inside and out
  • bwilliams77Kim... u might not read,l this and yeah I might not be right.. but Luvd watching u as a child and now. But honestly u do have alot to prove. And I'm not sure why u think u dont? You hurt people (family mostly... which u always preach that that is important ) And yes it is a disease, but it's gonna take people some time to actually believe u too! U put people thru hell. Especially the ones that love u most. How can u say that at some point they are not there for u? They have families, like u do! Not trying to be mean but I'm sorry when it's your time that u feel destructive , you blame people that are not there for u??? Is this an attention thing? I believe you are stronger than that!!!! Specially for your kids!!!! The "truth hurts" as they say . And yeah this could be possibly scripted. Which I think at some point could not be a positive thing for a person that is trying to be sober..
  • msdutchess2uShe looks like Natalie Portman in this picture
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