Food for thought-- here are my notes from Nick Foles Pro Day. #Teddy
  • movethesticksFood for thought-- here are my notes from Nick Foles Pro Day. #Teddy

  • klutch_17Do you think Foles will have another good season without desean Jackson ? @movethesticks
  • xvlg.rmore old pro day notes!!
  • movethesticks@theflyguybry didn't attend that one
  • coachdubs58Hey @movethesticks how did you become a nfl scout did you go to school for it cause I really wanna be a scout or a gm but I don't know what have to do to get there just want some advice
  • osborninnigeriaHey Daniel im a huge fan can u check-out my vídeos on YouTube osborn umeh im a punter n tell me whtcha think n tell some NFL scouts about me Its my long life dream to play in The NFL one day @movethesticks
  • eduardo_32pachecoWhat about Russell Wilsons?
  • jordan___cohenHello Mr Jeremiah, I am a huge fan of your work. I am curious if you have your scouting report from Cam's pro day? Thanks
  • ncicerePretty spot on
  • rambocanadienpro day from aaron rodgers
  • lksmddkshare your thoughts about Bridgewater - his college performance should be more important than his pro day - still think he's the best QB in the draft ! @movethesticks -- do you think he will be selected first overall anyway ?
  • h.hopkins_@why_so_ser1ous you can probably find him at your local 7/11 crying about his life through a slushie
  • pecophilly@movethesticks still pretty accurate tho. I'm an Eagles fan. He's still slow, still lofts his long ball, but he's really smart with the football.
  • pnakkenCool post man, great to see how a pro day shouldn't be make a break for a player. I personally hope the Vikings get Teddy.
  • stephen_byrne18@evinbyrne
  • jedi_raiderYou the Man DJ! The SILVER an BLACK is Back. #5 KMack
  • richiebradz36@donniedruin sound like a Louisville quarterback to you???
  • donniedruinSmh @richiebradz36
  • adam_donaldsonDJ man! You guys are killin me. All this waiting for you guys to go inside the Raiders war room and you botched it. Spend time talking mike backer when Maiava is a reserve and teams guy. Roach is our starter and best mike backer we've had since the Super Bowl years. What are your thoughts on the secondary though?
  • movethesticksAge at safety with CW is a concern. Lot of bodies at CB but I'm not sold on the quality. The depth charts are pulled from ourlads
  • jefffrazier22Mr. Jeremiah how are you sir? First and foremost I just want too say I respect the heck out of the work you do! I myself have hopes and dreams of becoming a college scout for an nfl organization. To get that dream started just about two months ago I sent a letter, resume´, and wrote down and analyzed 3 draft prospects in the this year draft and sent it out too all 32 teams. So far I have heard back from six great franchises. I watch path too the draft every day. All you guys are great on there. Charles Davis seems too know about every draftable prospect year in and year out! Yourself, Charlie Casserly, Brian Buldinger, Curtis Conway and Mike Mayock really do a great job and I look up too all of you. I was wondering if you had any time that I could email you my work and that you could take a look at it? Or just some advice? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated! I'm ready too work and watch countless hours of film year in and year out like you guys. It would be an honor too work for an nfl organization. Have a great day sir. @movethesticks @movethesticks @movethesticks
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