'That was the very last pair (I)' in hand.
  • gracialouise'That was the very last pair (I)' in hand.

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  • birdwiththegoldWhat a week you're having!
  • oliviatokyoIs that a rounded edge I spy? Lovely x
  • gracialouiseWhat a week, indeed, @birdwiththegold. Next stop, Clunes Booktown. And the opening for In Your Dreams is next Thursday night, 6-8pm, should you be free.
  • gracialouiseA handcut rounded edge, @oliviatokyo. With a gold rim! Standard for auk portraits. 🐦 X
  • oliviatokyoWith a gold rim! Sublime! x
  • birdwiththegoldI'd love to come to the opening @gracialouise but may have to go to a school open night:( Will definitely come and see the show either way. Hope you're both having a nice time relaxing at home tonight with your animal friends by your side.
  • gracialouiseYes, some other time, @birdwiththegold. All animal chums doing well. Percy is with my parents for this little busy peak. He is being treated to twice daily seaside walks. Olive is enjoying the extra room to fling her toy mice. And our old boy Omar isn't doing too well. Our lovely vet, Craig, thinks we may have to think about bringing him in and sending Omar to sleep. He says that cats are so incredibly strong that they can hang on, eating and drinking next to nothing, and that sometimes the kindest thing to do is to say goodbye. It's all so sad. That said, he is sitting next to me purring, and seeking out our company. We are both taking turns to sit with him, coaxing him with dollops of fresh cream.
  • birdwiththegoldThat's so sad to hear about Omar. I had a similar experience many years ago with our cat Grover. He was a funny old thing and he hung in there for so long even though he was very sick. We eventually took him to the vet. Such a sad day but even now I sometimes wonder if we waited too long. Do enjoy his company while you can. They are so precious aren't they?
  • gracialouiseThank-you @birdwiththegold. We've been turning up to install with red eyes. The work at Counihan will also feature a written element with text about a certain little siamese cat slowly fading. Yes, knowing the right time is hard. Deciding when the good moments are too few and they are suffering too much. He still trots to the door to greet us, and we are going to miss him terribly. Precious, yes, very. We are enjoying this clutch of days together. X
  • birdwiththegoldThinking of you all xxx
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