• thekingdreamExtortion

  • thekingdream@dreamsdreamgirl that's so sweet of you. I'm fine I am blessed to even be in a position that someone would go to any degree to need something from me, when all they have to do is ask. But thank you so much take care of that baby. And never sell your soul for a buck.
  • luvmykyi@thekingdream LOVE AND BLESSINGS! @tiffluv33 Our Love King is good!
  • yellowdroploverMaybe Use some protection and you won't feel the need to be a victim in situations like these. Just some advice. If she's after money, maybe you should take time and get to know women before u impregnate them and bounce, leaving them single mothers... Protect that sperm and work on your temper or prepare to pay out the ass. 💸💸💸
  • cat_walkinNp Dream u know I love u.... I hope u r currently surrounded by genuine people and I know everything will work out for the best bc that's what u deserve
  • mzkarma35@thekingdream Hold your head babes, Who JAH bless No man curse.....This too shall pass... Turn this situation into another Radio Killaaaa.. ;-)
  • c0nsistentYo man I dunno what your going through right now but thanks or dropping that new black song today. That shit is uplifting for the spirit
  • lolaalolitaa...........
  • lolaalolitaa@lovelycandi21 👏👏
  • canaryburgundy@lovelycandi21 SHUT UP BITCH
  • z0603214❤😄😝😝 loving new song Mr radio kills u r:: ))
  • cat_walkin@30yearsyoung Hilfiogers s "If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice," and "I wish those people would not buy my clothes - they were made for upper-class white
  • majorwilliamsYo that Black record is a RECORD my g. Left field coming from your pervious work ofcourse but always knew you was dope as a writer. Good shit to you and ya team on that one.
  • lolaalolitaaGotta say, I read up on this girl and from her former rep in Toronto, I think Dream really chose the wrong one and is now embroiled in a viscous extortion plot. Sad b/c there is now a child involved. Keep your head up @thekingdream ....
  • chelsea_x_raeI'm here for you Terius. 😩
  • cat_walkin@30yearsyoung y don't u research it?
  • cat_walkinOh hilfiger said it
  • lisbonenterprise@thekingdream write a track called Roadblocks
  • lisbonenterprise@thekingdream is your name in MC credits?
  • lisbonenterprise@thekingdream is your name in MC credits?
  • cat_walkin@30yearsyoung listen guy if u wanna wear Tommy hilfiger in the year twenty14 go right ahead no ones judging u
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