Booty appreciation. #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards
  • meghantonjesBooty appreciation. #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards

  • adventures_of_lucaberry_finnOh the hypocrisy, @squ3akst3r, I took a peek at your photos. There are some really classy selfies taken from above specifically so people can see down your shirt. Not to mention all the belly button ring shots. #thoseinglasshouses
  • georgia_renaeAnd @squ3akst3r - you do your thing and we'll do ours. Ever heard the saying "don't have anything nice (positive) to say, then say nothing at all"? I think its time for you to stop using those fingers to share your disaproval - because anyone else who has bothered to view this photo thinks shes the bomb.
  • meghantonjes@squ3akst3r ladylike is a social construct. Our definitions of self respect are completely different, mine isn't dependent on or connected to modesty. I'm not looking for your approval at all. My body. My rules. You don't have to get it. I can walk around naked if I want to. Doesn't tell you a thing about my character, self respect, sexual history, value. Worry about yourself and live by your own standards :) Im over here doing good work and the people in my life are proud of me. Night!
  • ensnider✊✊✊✊✌✌✌✌💗💗💗💗
  • ensnider@squ3akst3r "classy"? Classism expired right before america shipped in slavery darling. Take some history courses. It is a false concept. Like capitalism. The American dream. Its not real. On a side note, if you cannot appreciate any angle of any body parts on any human, feel free to dig a deep hole under a rock and live in it. Dont let your bfs junk touch your face or vagina ever either you classy body hating little miss you. Wouldn't want you to lose any of your classy purity 😂😂
  • isisntaraHey now @squ3akst3r is expressing her opinion in a public forum just like everyone else. Lay off it. This person loves her ass and will proudly post it, that's her thing so what. Some people don't love her ass and would like her to get it the fuck off of here, that's their thing so what. I on the other hand like breast, that's my thing. You can't agree on everything. There's no need to attack someone for commenting their opinion on a picture, that would make you all hypocrites. And NO ONE likes a hypocrite
  • scoundsWhoah people!! This went from a discussion to cyber bullying. There's a difference between sharing opinions and character attacks. Pump the breaks and remember this isn't junior high. @squ3akst3r I agree with your comment that you tagged me in. BUT, I think there needs to be a rule that is fairly enforced - either ass is allowed on IG or it isn't. I don't post ass pics because I don't like bare ass pics. I like ass pics in pants or whatever but when they're bare I think about potty backsplash, hair, pimples, germs.... Lol but that's for me and my therapist to work out. I do, however, like fairness and equal rights whether those rights are legal or on IG. And I damn sure support anyone who is fighting for those fair rights, even if I don't agree with them. I may not post booty pics, but I will support this ass as part of a movement for fairness for all booty regardless of size or shape or filters. FREE THE BOOTY!!
  • nanapad1#yougogirl!,,,,
  • moonheavy@squ3akst3r Hey theres this thing called the unfollow button, I know, I know it's so much more fun to just cause drama and post opinions where there neither appreciated nor wanted but ya gotta think about the environment man.. The amount of energy and electricity your wasting with the amount of electronic discussion you've caused on here... SMH if you don care about others peoples right to post what they want on THEIR OWN PERSONAL PROFILES without getting shit for it at least care about the environment dude....
  • moonheavyBUT WAIT HOLD UP GUYS @squ3akst3r is happily taken so it's okay for her to post pics of her exposed belly button rings (more mysteriously if we can just see it poking out through your shirt but I guess not everyones mastered the art of subtlety yet) or of her aforementioned "shaking it" video (now taken down?) that @egreschner was talking about. Because ya know she saves that stuff for her mans eyes and her mans eyes only which is why it's posted on a public site. #hypocrit #disgusted
  • moonheavyEvery right most definitely, but I guess thats where the art of mystery comes in.... Sometimes opinions are like butts, you just shouldn't expose that much of them... Key difference she posted this on her personal page whereas you went out of your way to click on her profile and post your opinion. It's not like she hacked your computer and made her picture pop up but you sure as hell jumped on her page and shoved your crap down her throat. @squ3akst3r
  • egreschner@hinkypunk465 what about @squ3akst3r pic of that tiny cop outfit? You think that is classy and allowed under her modesty protocols? #hypocrite #disgusting #ajoke #icant
  • hollythedovahkiinIf a skinny girl posted this I'm pretty sure nobody would have anything bad to say. Maybe they would just nowhere near as much.
  • mtnunnI commend you on your cute bottom!
  • slvaterWhat a cute bum!
  • lakewhitneyboyI want that for christmas lol. Wanna go out sometime???
  • mindihobbs3You look good.
  • cathymdyou are totally awesome and i'm following you. i agree.. ariana licked the donut and backpeddled.. ooo now i have to say something profound and she fucked up. ugh. get over yourself, ariana. we both know you're starving because you get paid more. go eat a donut. stop licking other people's donuts.
  • lilikitten_96@squ3akst3r pretty much took everything down to make her seem like a good person and not showing any skin or anything provocative to prove her point. Proving further more she is indeed not classy. If you don't like what you see sweetie there's a block button. You can exercise that right @squ3akst3r .
  • undanganpernikahan9what an ass
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