• theory11Last year, we worked with Eleven Madison Park Restaurant in NYC on a magical dining experience. This year, the restaurant climbed to #1 Best Restaurant in the USA and #4 in the WORLD by San Pellegrino. We’re honored to be a part of their continued success. @jbayme @kamihira #theory11

  • charlie_l1f3What are those cards in the background ? :o Sunflower 🌼
  • theory11@charlie_l1f3 A special edition deck of Monarchs printed exclusively for Eleven Madison Park!
  • charlie_l1f3Oh wow, i've got to get my hands on some of these!
  • mattjarahardjoI've been there and enjoyed the mind reading trick with the chocolate under the plate. I got to touch, see and feel the playing cards. I was like are these the Monarchs. They have fruit pictures! I was surprised to know you guys have been working with Eleven Madison Park. Great food and entertainment there. You guys are very creative. Cant wait to go there again. Where can i get those special edition of monarchs?
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