Mr. Donuts time. 🍩💕 #ミスド #sapporo #japan #S2JP
  • juxisy1904Mr. Donuts time. 🍩💕 #ミスド #sapporo #japan #S2JP

  • rachelsayumiporterI wanna goooo baaackkkk
  • alyciagrayceTrevor and I saw a Mr. Donuts the other day and we're thinking of going this morning. I think we have to after seeing this haha!
  • juxisy1904@alyciagrayce really that's a gift from japan to the world. You have to go get some!!
  • bryslove@sashai so I bought pants LIKE those...thanks for the fun idea! Still looking fab amongst donuts!
  • aisonomuraこれはやばい!!!!!! めっちゃ食べたい!!!!!!!!!!
  • c_cham316きゃー!結局ミスドが1番好きです!ミスドやばいですよね(੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡
  • juxisy1904@c_cham316 日本に帰国してから、これで二回目です〜★
  • arualcoleOh I have heard of these! Maybe someday I will have one.
  • lilly_101Those look delish! 😋
  • wildbutterflyboutiqueI just found you through @jennywinward Mister Donuts! 懐かしい!!!I served my mission in Sapporo! ☺️👊
  • juxisy1904@wildbutterflyboutique oh my goodness!! I'm from Sapporo! What a small world. When did you serve?!
  • wildbutterflyboutique2000-2002. That's so awesome! I love seeing all the yummy treat pics! So fun! And such a small world!!!
  • juxisy1904@wildbutterflyboutique I was actually there! I didn't move here til 2004. I lived in Toyohira. But I went to the Atsubetsu ward!
  • wildbutterflyboutiqueNo way! I served in the Toyohira ward for most of my mission! That's so crazy! You should come to Dai Ichi sometime. It's in SLC. That's where I go now.
  • juxisy1904@wildbutterflyboutique yes! I would love to visit! We are just down in orem right now, but we will be moving up to south Jordan!
  • wildbutterflyboutiqueOh good you'll totally have to come! It's at 10 am just on the corner of 2100 S and 900 E 😄
  • md_david@jimaicanpatty so cute
  • jimaicanpatty@md_david these are so fun!
  • racha_kawaLook our favorite donut 😭😭😭😭 @jaddy_daddy
  • jaddy_daddy@racha_kawa swadi kaaaaaaaaaaa 😥
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