We're spending #traveltuesday down under. Can you name these landmarks? #united 
#unitedairlines #travel #Australia
  • unitedWe're spending #traveltuesday down under. Can you name these landmarks? #united
    #unitedairlines #travel #Australia

  • dinsmore77Worst airline EVER!!!
  • s5grrrlHarbour Bridge and OperaHouse
  • daniel_pooler@_laauurrreenn_
  • buzzybuzzinCLE CLE CLE
  • fiercefabulousandfunFollow us
  • turbofan1000Sydney Australia. @united
  • ironkirkHarbour Bridge. Sydney Opera House.
  • unitedIf you guessed Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, you're correct!
  • united@dinsmore77 Is there something specific we can address? If so, please let us know at united.com/feedback. ^Rob
  • dinsmore77Easier said then done. My brother and I tried to file a complaint on the website and when that didn't work we phoned you. Nothing was resolved except for the fact you have lost two customers by the way we were treated by your company. I have never had such a horrible experience with an airline and I know many others I talked to yesterday who felt exactly the same way.
  • kylehockingNo obrigado. I love @united
  • united@dinsmore77 We regret to hear this. Please try to file the claim again in a different web browser. Once you do so, you will receive a response from us that will indicate the estimated response time. We review each case carefully. ^Rob
  • united@kylehocking Have you traveled to Brazil lately? We'd love to see you on board again to Rio. ^Rob
  • kylehockingI can't wait for my next Rio trip! Waiting for my sista Mary to take me! No voce Portuguese! #iloveunited
  • raf_red_arrows@united why did you block @newunited_
  • united@lfcfootlyfan We did not block that page. Can you share more detail about what you mean? Thank you. ^Rob
  • raf_red_arrows@newunited_ cannot acces your page can you please go on to the page and click unblock user
  • united@lfcfootlyfan @newunited_ We've reviewed and confirmed that this page is not blocked. Please try working with Instagram support if the issue persists. Thank you! ^Rob
  • jeremyhasasidekick#worstairlineever
  • tiarabe_Hello! My friend and I are flying from Sydney to LA - NYC in 7 weeks and we are flying with united :) this is my first international flight .. I was just wondering what inflight entertainment you have? Is there screens on the back of the seats?!
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