It exists for a reason
  • mcubanIt exists for a reason

  • happycoconutandfriendsMeow
  • bhart311Looks like a book you'd find at the neighborhood library.
  • wringer143Augie - you make progress where and when you can. That'd be like not granting civil rights cuz there used 2b slaves.
  • bgvegas23@diegojoyner I totally agree Sterling had to go. I was making the point of what he said was freedom of speech, definitely ignorant, but he didn't lose his rights. Some say they are taking away his rights of freedom of speech. He's not in jail for being a racist and saying racist comments. I say, he can say what he wants to say, and hate who he wants to hate but it will have repercussions from those who are offended. He lost his sponsors, respect and going to lose his team (hopefully), he did not lose his rights. I believe the punishment fit for what he said. Agreed, there's no place for a guy like Sterling in the NBA.
  • 1904_lifeCuban can u own 2 teams ? Move the clippers back to San Diego please😎😎
  • bgvegas23@bigazfuk but they still didn't take his rights away. He's not in jail for what he said. You can say what you want and they better not throw you in jail. That would be an infringement of your rights. I got your back and I don't even know you, lol! The NBA doesn't stand for that type of behavior, they just don't want him to be part of the NBA. There aren't many companies that would stand for this, not just the NBA. Nearly all companies have policies and procedures, and are agreed with a contract or terms and conditions. If an employee or user violates these P&Ps, it is the company's right to stand by these and handle the issue. They can't fire an owner of a team but this is the NBA's way to force him out. Sure, it was shady how the ex instigated the conversation in the privacy of his home and got leaked but it is public now and he can't take those words back. I agree there are going to be people like this and I'm not a fan of ignorant people either but that doesn't mean that public comments like that from a public figure or any person, can happen without consequences. Good talk @bigazfuk
  • rabelanger2Come on stop the stupid s#it. People need to know that times have changed. And making any type of racial comments are really stupidity in motion and we will not accept anything like this subject. Go home and rebuild yoir morals
  • rabelanger2Any major ceos and big player's in business know better . So if comments are made by people in areas of influence and power it there personal problems and better Just got to get out of business
  • joselin.mastronardiI love u mark your my favorite shark
  • marklel32^this guy @emmatodo @saeedbar @joelahalpern
  • _cwallaceWhat happened to freedom of speech?!?!? This isn't something he said publicly, this was a private conversation that was leaked. I def don't condone racism but this is the USA, even tho we don't agree with his views; what he does privately is his own business and his 1st amendment right
  • diane_nelson_sweet9397I agree with @iriptitleist
  • bgvegas23@iriptitleist @sandeep_pat how does this violate freedom of speech and Sterling's 1st amendment right? He is not being arrested.
  • tee7575DO THE RIGHT THING and vote to terminate Donald Sterling to force the sale. It's authorized in the bylaws and it's what needs to be done for the NBA to move forward. Fans need to know that all NBA owners oppose racism.
  • on_a_whole_new_levelOk its his team he has the right to say stupid things , he has to pay and will be paying rather or not he has the team . Its his business to run into the ground if he so choses. We all day things at times that we regret,not to say in ANY way it was right. But he was obviously upset with the women and could've said it out of rage . Either way rage or just his point of view,its still his team . He owns itand if anyone has that much of a problem then they can probably opt out if their contract at this point . Stand UP for what u believe in if it bothers you. Don't go to the games ,don't buy the merchandise and don't play on THAT team. That's UR choice. He might eventually sell in the event of a downward spiral. But to force him or u or me to sell what we bought based on stupid words is not the way to go. Force him to sell based on the money he is NO LONGER GETTING . And the disgrace he feels forcing only makes his views that much deeper in him .
  • wm_aj@on_a_whole_new_level shut up
  • jokbayer@on_a_whole_new_level I completely agree. What he said was offensive, but it was a private conversation. I would hate to be judged in such a public way by something I thought I was saying in private. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
  • iamgroneman7@augie_iglesias Give us an example of how racism is used towards a white person in the NBA. Educate me!
  • owen.elton@augie_iglesias have you watched the Jeremy Lin documentary? Since he played ball in college he has faced racism!
  • crispycoutureMark, I just contacted you via your email. If you get a chance, please hear me out. I believe you will want to be a part of this opportunity. Stay blessed! -Christen
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