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  • dswshoeloversThe World-traveling Mom: Adventure is her middle name. She’s always traipsing the globe and visiting friends far and wide. (And picking up new styles and trends along the way!) Is this totally your mom? Tell us about her and get the chance to win a $500 #DSW gift card for your #shoelovermom! tinyurl.com/shoelovermom

  • gina_somethin_somethinMy mom is not a world traveler by any means, but she has taught me lessons that can be used around the world. To love and respect all people, to help your neighbor not because you get something out of it but because it is the right thing to so. She is a woman with a heart bigger than anyone I've ever met, who although hasn't traveled much out if Boston, Ma she has raised the world's children and is an excelet example that a mother's love is endless not just with her own children, but with any child she comes in contact with. And, I must say, she is pretty stylish too. Love you mom ♥ @cmelendez56 #happyearlymothersday #dsw #mom
  • gina_somethin_somethin#shoelovermom
  • jesstide89Traveling has always been a big thing in our family! Starting with my grandmother... She traveled to many destinations being in the navy where she met my grandfather. In time time they had my mom. They shared their love of travel with my mom who grew up taking road trips all across the state. As my mother grew up my grandmother continued to travel furthering her destinations around the world visiting several places in Europe, china, africa, asia. Even dangerous places such as isreal, egypt, exploring jungles and desserts. Almost any place you can think of!! Still at the age of 60 she still travels and is well known for it in our area, even being mentioned in passed news papers for her world travels. My grandmother always brings back a doll from a new place she visits and would give it to my mother when she was young and when my mother had me the dolls from different places got passed on to me and now I have a daughter of my own to pass this on to as well as all the adventurous stories that come with it. My grandmother, mother, and myself have all had the chance to travel together many times. Thanks to my mom and even more to my grandmother.... They have opened my eyes to the world and how others live. But most of all it has been something that makes us grow in love. They have given me some unforgettable experiences and opportunity to see some of the most awe inspiring places. As a third generation traveler and #shoelovermom i would love to give something back to my mom and even share this with my grandmother who started it all :)
  • instagramchickkMy mom has taughy me to see different points of view through travel. She has taught me to treat others with respect and compassion whereever I am.
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