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    Shout out to the #LA #Clippers for taking a stand against #DonaldSterling and his pathetic, sad racism today. The whole team, as a unified front, came out for warmups and revealed their shirts turned inside out, refusing to wear the logo of their beloved team in protest against its ignorant owner, and his hateful words. Mr. Sterling, there is no room for racism in the NBA. #equality #love #sportsmanship #teammates

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  • court.in.sessionWowwwwww @k80connor
  • alessandroquaCompared to the legends
  • abbe_al_dI freaking love you @sophiabush
  • one_chicagoYou are so inspiring! Thank you to share all this with us! We all appreciate that ❤️
  • mostly.quietThat is something adorable and inspiring
  • alexandrashea@k_sumeta It's not just something people can get over. He's an EXTREME racist who stated opinions that date back to the times of segregation. If you don't find that a big deal, that's your fault for being ignorant. People are allowed their opinions, but if you're a public figure, especially involved in such a diverse and culturally wide environment, you have to learn to either shut the fuck up, or be accepting. He does not understand either. Okay good day bye now!
  • thereal.reseStephen curry was making shots
  • graciefischYES PREACH IT
  • lightskin.shit@sophiabush you're my #1 inspiration & ilysm! I made a fan account for you! please follow 🙌🌸
  • alisiebelsLove you, Sophia
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  • chan3l_mari3@jaycah6
  • mrfortuneWell, um, what did their shorts say and what logo was on the uniforms during the game? It's not quite a protest until you sacrifice something.
  • jessilove08Grateful ppl will still stand up for what's right!
  • herote9✌️✌️✌️
  • staceydesroThis was an AWESOME thing! :)
  • habes94Would you be willing to give consent for me to use a screen shot of this photograph for academic purposes? @sophiabush
  • maryetyndallWhat exactly did he say IN THE PRIVACY OF HIS OWN HOME. Would like to point out that this was not a public statement.
  • drydenmadiGo you clippers 💙💙 LOVE YOU SOPHIA BUSH XOXOXOXOXOX
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