What Pinterest promised vs. Lyra's birthday reality
  • emilygalWhat Pinterest promised vs. Lyra's birthday reality

  • deanab1979I don't like that the balloons upset her....I'm just agreeing that Pinterest has unattainable goals....I have tried and failed A LOT!
  • emilygalThanks @deanab1979 - the weirdest thing is that she loved the balloons! Just not in her crib and surrounding her so she can't move...
  • xx_jade_xx_mooOh no
  • popsugarmomsHi! We LOVE this photo and think it would be perfect for an upcoming post for our site. We're asking you for permission to use this photo in our post, and confirming that you took the photo and are authorized to distribute it. Thanks so much!
  • emilygalHi @popsugarmoms sure, yes I took the picture of my daughter (not the original Pinterest picture above it though). What's the post about?
  • popsugarmoms@emilygal it is a roundup of #pinterestfails and #momfails!
  • madisonfraser_Hi @emilygal! I work in the web department at Redbook Magazine, and I can across your image on PopSugar. I'm writing an article on hilarious Pinterest fails involving children, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this photo? Please confirm if you give consent! Thanks so much!
  • emilygalSure no problem :)
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