• worksology@TravelOregon provided me with a few extra Painted Hills patches, so I thought I'd share them with those of you who've made the trip out to visit this Wonder of Oregon. Tag me in your best photo from the Painted Hills (just mention @worksology in a comment and hashtag it #traveloregon), and I'll pick a few to receive one of these awesome patches. (No hurry, just do it sometime today. I only have a handful of patches, so I will have to pick a few winners. Only tag photos *you* took. Good luck.)

  • casstawayI can't wait to go to all the 7 wonders so I can put my patches to good use. They are so cool
  • oregon86@worksology you guys plan on exploring Central Oregon and the vast high desert?
  • worksology@casstaway We have just one to go! Love them all!
  • casstawayWhich one ?
  • worksology@casstaway The Wallowas. Wondering if we should go there next or wait for things to thaw out a bit first.
  • tucson_cowgirlSomeday I'll visit!
  • boldadventure@worksology We got turned back around when we where there only 3 weeks ago by snow on the road heading towards Wallows. Still was something to see. I didn't realize how many different ranges are in Oregon opuntia we visited.
  • heavenmcarthurLookin good on the stream :)
  • casstawayThat was my wonder! It's amazing right now... But I'd wait. I went before the last guy who went to the Oregon coast. Joseph is such a cute town - so is baker city & la grande. everyone said I should go back in May/June because there are wild flowers! I personally think the Wallowas are the best wonder out of the 7... But I'm biased 😜
  • jenkaramanWoah! Going there this summer - any way to purchase one at a later date?
  • tcl_lifeHow do you get the patches? I visited all but two so far.
  • hellolisahall@anthonycappetta the patches
  • meganhollenback🙌 love your feed and would love some patches! We were at the painted hills this weekend, must have crossed paths!!! @worksology
  • northwestmommyFab!
  • genbcgetsaroundDig it.
  • iwonderhowmanylettersicansquee"See one or better yet, see the mall!"
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