• jacquelinegvelaSuch nice people out there! A strange left a box of postcards thank you! #benicebox

  • dianapantzAhhh! Did you find this kit? Where? Tell us all the details!!
  • dianapantzPs: my name is diana and I run the #benicebox ;)
  • jacquelinegvelaYes i found this kit at the in n out in Carson city nevada it made my whole day and week! This is so nice what you have done your making the world a much better place! Thank you! @dianapantz #benicebox
  • dianapantzI love it!! I put the boxes together and then send them to subscribers all over the country. Then they go out and do the good deeds! I think it was @vvancour that placed that stationary kit there! So cool!
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