Loui Eriksson in the Old-Time Hockey Player of the Game Jacket, passed on from Iggy, as #NHLBruins closed out the series over Detroit.
  • nhlbruinsLoui Eriksson in the Old-Time Hockey Player of the Game Jacket, passed on from Iggy, as #NHLBruins closed out the series over Detroit.

  • abrodie54I laugh my ass off at some of the people that comment on these pages i played two years of major junior in British Colombia, a year in the ECHL and two years in AHL wht cracks me up is half of these people talking shit to everyone have no hockey sense and prob never even made it pass their town rec team, so do everyone a favor and just keep ur mouth shut it will b greatly appreciated
  • jcan2001@instahabs fuck Montreal! That team sucks pure hairy ass in comparison to the bruins! Our fans r loyal and devoted to the bruins no matter what the cost! Ur fans r dirty no for good suckers. Montreal sucks bruins r beast
  • jcan2001And y don't u do us all a favor and if u don't like the bruins STAY OFF THERE PAGE
  • jcan2001@instahabs
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  • brett_mcdonoughThe bruins suck I like hockey but who even cares about hockey
  • brett_mcdonoughI like red wings but hockey is the worst sport ever
  • alannaxxoxxoLol then get the fuck off the bruins page? You sound so dumb right now I bet you play soccer or something😂 @btmcdonough87
  • bryon_moradshahiFollow my other account @hatecanadians
  • kendra2434How can u like hockey but hate hockey At the same time?😂 get the fuck off the bruins page u just sound retracted👌 @btmcdonough87
  • chrismpaullHey @InstaHabs, you want to know when the last time your "team" was relevant? Over 2 decades ago. You know what the series record is for the Canadiens against the Bruins in the last 11 playoff series. 4-7. You know your 24 cups. Well 21 of them came before the NHL changed the rule that the Canadiens got first right of any player coming out of Quebec. If you can't understand what that means, it's the equivalent of having picks 1,2, & 3 in the draft now, every year. Since you traded Patrick Roy, you haven't even gotten to the Stanley Cup Finals. So let's not talk about who sucks and who doesn't. The Montreal Candiens haven't been relevant for over 20 years.
  • noname0987654Can u take a video of loui eriksson saying hi to Brianna
  • jph.88@sam_soccer28
  • matt66harrisGO HABS GO
  • nciaramitaro9#nhl15bergeron
  • _vs36@nicolefertig
  • giordanofidanza@ciancone12
  • ciancone12@giordanofidanza lmfaooo.. well played sir
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